1. Which German physicist introduced the mercury thermometer and fixed thermometric standards?
Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit

2. Who was the first person to fly over both North and South Poles?
Richard Evelyn Byrd

3. Which Country’s flag is called the Union Jack?
Great Britain

4. How many compartments does a cow’s stomach have?

5. What is the informal name for an American Indian?

6. Name the Indian journalist, who was the first Chairman of Prasar Bharati Board?
Nikhil Chakravarty

7. Name the British actor-director whose Gandhi (1983) won 8 Oscars?
Sir Richard Attenborough

8. Name the highest national award in sports that was introduced in the year 1961?
The Arjuna Award

9. Name the Swedish inventor and philanthropist, who discovered Dynamite?
Alfred Bernhard Nobel

10. Name the first woman in India to become Minister (U.P, 1937) and who was also the first woman President of U.N General Assembly?
Vijayalaksmi Pandit

11. Who was the first and the youngest child to win an Oscar?
Shirley Temple

12. Which ancient Magadhan King had the title of ‘Devanampriyah Priradarsi Raja’?
King Ashok

13. Shankar. The ‘mud-action’ sequence was shot using 35 Airflex Cameras capturing a stunt sequence against the backdrop of a scrap yard with 500 cars.

14. Which Organization is the largest employer in India?
Indian Railways

15. Who made the first Technicolor film, ‘Jhnasi ki Rani’ (1953)?
Sohrab Modi

16. Which is the oldest gharana (school) of the Hindustani stream of music?
The Gwalior Gharana (school), founded in the 16th century by Nathu Peerbaksh, a musician at the court of Raja Mansingh Tomar.

17. Rose is the National Emblem of which two countries?
Great Britain and Iran

18. Name the country whose flag has just one color- green?

19. Which is the largest ship-building/ repair yard in India?
Cochin Shipyard Ltd.

20. Who is the first Indian to win the prestigious Booker Prize?
Arundhati Roy for her novel ‘The God of Small Things’

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