On 29th November, 2017, the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti of Jammu and Kashmir while addressing a Passing out parade of 947 recruits at Police Training Center, Kathua ordered mass withdrawal of cases against 4327 Kashmiri stone pelters who were criminally involved in 744 cases of law and order. While giving out such significant order to dismiss such cases she put forth the following reasons which lifepotter.com would like to counter to arrive at the validity and the appropriateness of her (as thought upon by her being a shrewd politician) far reaching order:

  • She recounted that it was the responsibility of Jammu and Kashmir Police to wipe out the militancy in Kashmir.

Our counter question: Police alone can’t do anything unless there are wicked and corrupt politicians sitting behind them in the state. Is there no responsibility from their side as it is only due to them (politicians) that the cancer of militancy has been spreading flagrantly and unstoppable in the state? It is only their appeasement policies that even the little children of Kashmir know well that the state can’t do anything against them as they need the precious votes of their parents.

  • She told the cops of the State to differentiate between ‘the stone pelters’ and ‘elderly citizens’.

Our counter question: ‘Stone pelters’ are ‘stone pelters’. A life-taking stone or any kind of weapon in the innocent hand of a teen doesn’t know that it is the hand of some child who doesn’t have any proper understanding of the situation so it (stone) has to lend harmless injury to its victim.  Violence is violence whether committed by a man or a teen. Law breaking even by a teen is considered law breaking and it needs to be corrected according to ‘Juvenile Delinquency’ act as rightly penned down in the Constitution.

  • She also exhibited sincere sympathy for the Kashmiri youth while saying that the innocent people shouldn’t be manhandled.

Our counter question: Innocent! What does Mehbooba Mufti mean by the word ‘innocent’? Is innocent the one who knows very well that such and such person is an Indian army and so they have to hurl stones at them (in a manner so that army personnel could be seriously wounded)? Is innocent the one who knows very well that wounding an army personnel is more beneficial than going to school and get valuable life lessons?  Why such innocent children do not hurl stones at anyone other than the Indian army walking on the streets of Kashmir? No doubt, such little Kashmiri teens can’t have that intellectual and social maturity and this is sufficient to say that they have strong pumping and backing of their elders and parents.

So what Mehbooba should have done along with the dismissal of 744 cases against 4327 Kashmiri was to transfer all those cases of law and order on the shoulders of their parents and elders and proper legal proceedings should have been initiated against them. And this thing would definitely have deterred all the misguided and mischievous social elements of the State.

  • She also regretted that the youths of Kashmir who should have been handed books and laptops by the mischievous elements of the society have been handed stones in their little hands.

Our Counter question:  If the policy of the State is not that much significant, worthwhile, and potent to nip the evil of terror in the bud, to kill the mass unemployment and poverty in the state; if the intention of the wicked politicians of the State is not sincere, definite, and honest to wipe out the prevailing terror of militancy in the State; if the self-preservation and self-promotion are the only objectives of our political parties then how could books and laptops have been gifted to our little school going Kashmiri teens when their basic life needs are not met, when they don’t have any morsel of food in their mouth?

  • There is militancy in Kashmir. You have to end it. But it will not end unless you go into the reasons…until you understand the situation. There is need to see to the situation. Police need to understand this and lend their hands in controlling the situation.

Our counter question: The whole world knows that there is militancy in Kashmir, that the Kashmiri youth are disturbed by that prevailing militancy, that the common and economic life of bleeding Kashmir is seriously wounded, that the politicians here are not well qualified, dedicated, sincere, and mature enough to handle the sensitive issue of militancy in Kashmir in an appropriate manner and this has been going around in the state from several years but still experienced and seasoned politicians like you remained incapable and inadequate to see the reasons yourself and instead are passing the buck on the Police.

  • While commenting on the return of some Kashmiri youths back home she also said that the police in the state should work like parents and counselors.

Our counter question: Sometimes parents do need to give punishment to their children when they get mischievous and problematic. Sometimes parents do need to teach a well-deserving lesson to their mischief-mongering children and which is very essential and recommended as without a suitable punishment even a little child gets spoiled. I am not saying that some serious punishment like arrest and torture has to be given to the little Kashmiri stone pelters but a well-thought upon system (as created by taking the contribution of child psychologists, intellectual elders, and teachers) should be there so that these mischievous Kashmiri teens are taught some lesson in one or the other way.

  • She said that militancy cannot be wiped out by killing militants alone. She stressed that more humane approach was required to tackle the situation.

Our counter question: Is this the ‘humane approach’ being practiced in the state (as already announced by your party in the name of ‘healing touch’ few years back when you were in rule) you want to refer to which has seen mass genocide, brutal killings, heinous rapes, and other reprehensible acts of violence by its own army, police, and paramilitary police? Is this the ‘humane approach’ ministers you are referring to that has always remained unsuccessful in treating the state of its still prevailing epidemic of ‘terrorism’, ‘militancy’, and ‘separative or factional forces’?

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