With a widespread revolution in the internet and gadgets world it seems that ‘technology’ has severely dominated human’s life to a large extent. Today’s children and youth have become addicted to the long-hours use of gadgets and especially ‘smart phones’. In fact, it can be said that ‘technology’ has become a second nature to today’s humans. It has thus been playing an indispensable, vital, and essential role in their lives and without it they think that they would be ‘incomplete’ and ‘imperfect’.  ‘Smart phone’ in the sense have become the only non-living organ of our human body. It has also become a devil in our children hands. The industry of ‘smart phones’ has been growing by leaps and bounds and been making exorbitant profits than it used to make before 2010.

Having a ‘Digital Citizenship’ of ‘Facebook’, ‘YouTube’, and ‘Whatsapp’ by owning a ‘smart phone’ has become an inevitable trend of today’s high-tech and sci-fi world where nobody wants to be counted as ‘outdated’ and ‘backward’.  Besides having so many advantages that no one can discount, ‘smart phones’ can also have disastrous consequences over human’s social, moral, economic, political, and career life.  Smart phones are ‘smart’ only in the sense that they are ‘soul-less or conscience-free’ devices and don’t know the exact purpose for what they are being used frequently by we humans. Smart phones are ‘smart’ only in the sense that they save our time, money, energy, and brain power while executing our daily life chores. Smart phones are ‘smart’ only in the sense that they come handy in facilitating our life by their wonderful, efficient, and effective applications.  So, let us know what are the disastrous results of using ‘smart phones’ in our daily life:

Murderer of live interactions/relationships:

They have been replacing ‘real and live human interaction’ with ‘dead and virtual online interaction’ or ‘real life relationships’ with ‘online relationships’ devoid of presence of any genuineness and potency. People today no longer feel interested to interact with others – in a real world. Just by sling shooting some animated images full of ‘good mornings’ and ‘good nights’ over Facebook and Whatsapp we people think that we have interacted satisfactorily with our friends, our parents think that they have talked qualitatively with their children. We just want to avoid going to our friends’ and relatives’ houses because we consider ourselves ‘ever busy-men’ of today’s world. The time and energy that we all should have invested qualitatively with our children, parents,   friends, and relatives in live and potent interaction get wasted away over our useless relationship with our smart phones.


They have made us extremely ‘narcissistic’ (full of self-infatuation) through the medium of ‘selfies’. Young boys and girls are often reported of being drowned and killed while taking their ‘selfies’. Today, smartphone like devil in our children hands has been playing with their lives in the cruelest and the most heinous manner than it used to play with their lives few years ago.


Our little children, teens, adolescents, and even grownups have become catastrophically addicted to the frequent and blind usage of ‘smart phones’. Like ‘oxygen’ smart phones have become most essential for them as if they could not live without them. Checking Facebook likes and Whatsapp message in the manner as if Pakistan has just exploded a bomb in India and so everybody wants to get an immediate update regarding the explosion.  This has become a pathetic and miserable condition of our today’s young generation. We all have become critically intoxicated with our smart phones which are killing our own ‘smartness’ of being great thinking machines on earth.

A big threat to the ancient art of book-reading:

They have been emerging as a grave threat to the culture of ‘book-reading’. Today’s generation has developed blind craze for reading online – even their ‘school’ and ‘college notes’. No one wants to go to bookshops and buy books. With the launch of ‘smart phones’ the culture of going to bookshops and libraries has been taking a backseat. Smart phones have taken a serious toll of the interest, the respect, and the close relationship that readers once used to have for ‘books’ in old days.

Destroyer of health, intelligence (emotional and intellectual), and passion for life.

There is no denying the fact that ‘smart phones’ have provided a big relief to our already complicated lives – full of so many daily life activities that earlier used to take a great deal of time and energy– but the paradox is that they have also added more serious complications to our human life. Following are the health hazards of remaining addictively stick to smart phones for long:

  • They debilitate one’s immune system through the presence of radiations and waves generated by powerful and big ‘mobile towers’ in our vicinity.

  • They weaken one’s eye sight.

  • They cause ‘impotency’ in men by killing their total sperm count.

  • They lay ground for ‘psychological disorders’ like ‘lack of interest in life’, ‘inferiority complex’, ‘depression’, ‘suicidal tendencies’, ‘insomnia’ or ‘sleeplessness’, etc.

  • They lower one’s creative, intellectual, and emotional intelligence by providing one a virtual and unreal world where one can’t exploit one’s capacities of mind fully and that too in an original and dynamic manner.


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