1. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a chain smoker. He had married a Parsi girl, Ruttie. Ruttie was many years younger than him. Ruttie’s daughter is the mother of famous Nusli Wadia of Bombay Dyring.

2. Mahatma Gandhi when took a vow to practice celibacy, he didn’t consult his wife (which is morally and legally wrong). He often slept naked with young girls to develop his willpower to control sexual urge.

3. Lal Krishan Advani, the BJP stalwart, once described Manmohan Singh (the former PM of India, a man of exemplary letters and many extraordinary achievements to his kitty) as ‘nikamma’(a plain idler without any worthwhile work).

4. Jawaharlal Nehru was very fond of Lady Mountbatten and the duo were once got photographed in a newspaper in which Lady Mountbatten (in her negligee) was opening a door of the hotel for Nehru. Nehru would often take Lady Mountbatten to exotic dinners.

5. Indira Gandhi was seemingly afraid of her son Sanjay Gandhi and his growing stature as an exceptional politician. Indira Gandhi was said to put her favorite doll on fire during mass boycott wave of British-made goods as started by Gandhi.

6. Gian Zail Singh, the ex-cum-deceased President of India didn’t have the money to buy a third class return ticket from Faridkot to Delhi. He had to loan money from his friends. He stayed in a gurudwara. He even didn’t have money to sit on a tonga while visiting Sardar Patel’s residence. Zail Singh was totally kept in dark and uninformed about ‘the Operation Blue Star’. Many gurudwaras had posters of him laid out on their floors for worshippers to tread on.

7. George Fernandes was anti-religious man. He once described the Indian Parliament as a ‘brothel’. During the
National Emergency of 70’s in India, he was said to be hiding as a disguised Sikh with a name ‘Khushwant Singh’- somewhat close to famous Indian writer. When the writer asked him about the adaptation of his name, George funnily told him that he didn’t knew any other name than ‘Khushwant Singh’.

8. Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the well known Urdu poet was a communist. He had an addiction for premium Scotch and imported cigarettes.

9. Amrita Shergil, the well known Punjabi poet, was said to have seduced many well known personalities in her short life. She had seduced the painter Vivan Sundaram (her nephew), who had written many books on her. She also had a habit of drinking beer. She also tried to seduce ‘Khushwant Singh’- a famous Indian writer.

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