1. Maiden speech: A first public speech

Sentence: Rohan gave his first maiden speech at the annual function of his school that held on 3rd of July 2016.

2. Make a comeback: To be back to one’s former successful career life

Sentence: After remaining in social isolation for four long years, Sonia made a great comeback by launching her new book on female infanticide in India.

3. Make a great show of something: To make something publicly and openly known by creating an embarrassing or odd scene

Sentence:  When Sanam came to know that nobody is listening to him, he made a great show of breaking a looking mirror on the floor of the room.

4. Make a pitch for someone or something: To say good words for someone or something, to attempt, promote, or advance someone or something

Sentence: Komal made a pitch for her friend Anu by telling the audience that she (Anu) had been one of the best fictional writers in the past.

5. Make a name for oneself: To make oneself or get famous

Sentence: We all should try to make a name for ourselves and in this way people would try to see us someone special and respectable in society where we live and earn our livelihood.

6. Make a beeline for someone or something: To get attracted towards some interesting thing or a famous personality

Sentence: As soon as Sunny Deol stepped on the stage, few daring teens from the audience made a rush towards the actor and which in turn prompted the rest of them to make a beeline for the actor.

7. Hardly have time to breathe: To be very busy or engaged with one’s work and life

Sentence: Ankita always remains very busy with her advertising job. Once she didn’t call me for long and when I asked her why, she replied that she hardly had any time to breathe.

8. Hard on the heels of something: Soon after something

Sentence: They had great admiration and success hard on the heels of their release of a new and a revolutionary book on ‘Job Ethics’.

9. Hang in the balance: To be undecided

Sentence: I still hang in the balance and unable to decide what to do in such a terrible situation.

10. Hang by a thread: To be in a fragile situation

Sentence: Romesh is suffering from a terminal disease and his life is thus hanging by a thread.

11. Go from bad to worse: To move towards the worst situation in life, to face serious life issues which don’t seem to diminish at all

Sentence: After facing continual defeats in life, his life is going from bad to worse.

12. Go haywire:  To be malfunction or go wrong

Sentence: All his plans to write a book went haywire when he discovered that his manuscript has been stolen.

13. Aid and abet someone: To aid someone, especially in a crime, to incite someone

Sentence: Ravi had been caught by the police for aiding and abetting Sunil in famous Sunita Jandyal’s murder case.

14. Power behind the throne: The person who controls the situation or scene

Sentence: Everyone knew that in India the giant machine of RSS is the power behind the throne.

15. Sink one’s differences: To set aside disagreement with someone

Sentence: Let us sink our differences and become friends again.

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