Bad and evil people have bad company and so they get cheap and bad thoughts.

Good and great people have good and virtuous company and so they get great and good thoughts.

Criminals and offenders have bad company so their lives get colored with negative vibes.

Saints and great people have good company so their lives get colored with positive vibes.

It is rightly and perfectly said that a man is known by the company or association he keeps. We can also say that man is what he thinks all day along. To make it more clear, we can say that a man is known by the thoughts he keeps in his mind. Thoughts make and create our lives – either in a negative or a positive way. If we want to change our lives then we have to change our thoughts. It is our thoughts that we entertain in our mind that make our mental, emotional, and psychological make-up.  Thoughts have great, indelible, and impactful influence over our psyche, whether we believe it or not. Whatever we feel, experience, and perceive in our life is only due to the potent power of thoughts simmering in our mind. Thoughts create experience and feelings in our life. It is the presence of a particular set of thoughts alone that let us become sad or unhappy while going through the different phases of our life. Unless and until we come to realize that thoughts do have power over us, we are not going to take control of our lives and turn our days of doom and gloom into days of joys and cheers.

If you want to attract success and happiness into your life then you have to change your thoughts, you have to change the patterns of your mind. As are the patterns of mind so are the types of events and conditions we attract into our life. By having continual negative self-communication in our daily life we have created a negative and destructive patterns in our mind, It is a well spoken universal fact that whatever thoughts we have in our mind, the same events and circumstances we are going to attract into our lives. So keeping this grand realization in focus (that thoughts create events in life), I am sharing with you some ‘positive affirmations’ that you should use in your life (if you really want to become happy and successful in your life). It is my conviction that when you start vocalizing the following positive affirmations with utmost faith and sincerity you shall definitely become the happiest, the most contented, and the most successful person of your life. Thoughts do have immense power and control over our psyche. Believe it or not! So change your thoughts, change your lives.

Positive Affirmations are:

“I have a Perfect Memory at my disposal. It Retains whatever I Hear, See, Understand, and Observe around me.”

“I am Quite, Calm, Cool, Relaxed, and Peaceful.”

“I am developing Inner Certitude, Inner Firmness, Inner Determination, and Inner Resolution.”

“I have enough Strength and Fortitude in my life.

“I am living a Rich and a Peaceful life.”

“With the Creative Intelligence of my Subconscious Mind I am choosing to be Friendly, Cooperative, and Loveable.”

“My Subconscious Mind is overflowing with the thoughts of Divine Guidance, Right Actions, and all the Blessings of Life.”

“My Subconscious Mind is attracting Happiness, Joyfulness, Mirthfulness, and Abundance in my Life.”

“My Subconscious Mind with the power of Creative Intelligence is experiencing the Wholeness, Beauty, Health, Vitality, and Perfection of Human Body.”

“My Subconscious Mind is being successfully connected to the Energy, Passion, Enthusiasm, Deep Knowledge, Sharp Intelligence, Maturity, and Profound Wisdom of the Super Conscious Mind of the Super Conscious Aliveness.”

“My Subconscious Mind with its Power of Creative Intelligence is attracting all the Financial Successes, Financial Growth, Financial Independence, Success, Prosperity, Progress, and Respect into my Life.”

“My Subconscious Mind is overflowing with the Grand Thoughts of Spiritual Ecstasy, Spiritual Peace, and Spiritual Calmness.”

“The Creative Wisdom of my Subconscious Mind works through me bringing all my plans and purposes to completion. All my works come to Fruition in a Divine Order.”

“I am always Open and Receptive to the Healing Principle that is flowing through me like a river.”

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