Boredom has become one of the most serious problems that have been ailing the major proportion of our youth, especially young and blooming teens. Our teens tend to be bored, weary and restless easily owing to lack of any worthwhile activity at hand. It is not that they don’t have any task to do or any responsibility to handle, they do have but they don’t find any meaning attached to that task. They find themselves acutely bored and their jobs and life seem worthless to them.

Lack of motivation and absence of any passion or interest towards life are the building blocks of boredom. Boredom means that we lack required thrill and sensation or endeavor or creativity that make us charged up and sufficiently energized. Nowadays boredom has transformed into an epidemic and has been taking serious and heavy toll of everyone irrespective of age, gender and profession. It’s hard to imagine anyone being bored today. On getting infected with the deadly virus of boredom, young people find themselves incapacitated to get themselves rid of it because with the passage of time boredom appears to present a degree of comfort and safety to them. Such a feeling of comfort and warmth then become roadblocks to such young people on their path to success and happiness in life.

Boredom usually arrives when our grownups and adults as well don’t want to take pain or they start neglecting their responsibilities or goals in life. Or when they get frustrated and disgusted seeing that their life is not taking the form of what they have fancied dearly about their lives. Then come drugs, alcohol and free sex and other hallucinatory substances on the scene. These psychological pain relievers or comfort providers lend a false hope to their users that their emotional, mental or physical pain is no longer there. But as a matter of fact, such pain that arises due to simmering responsibilities and challenges in life (which they have often ignored), is still present in their minds until and unless they do something serious to face them and deal with them in the best possible manner.

Indulgence is lustful activities has seen a steady rise in today’s time of stiff competition and challenging socialization. The moment our youth start ignoring life challenges and responsibilities the solid foundation of boredom is laid and will remain intact forever unless they learn how to dismantle it with courage, dedication and regular but unfailing practice. As soon as you come under the deadly grip of boredom ask yourself what challenges or hard facts or unpleasant things or unavoidable responsibilities you are trying to avoid.

Teens spending too much time in front of the television, teens doing a lot of mobile and that too in an addictive manner and children whiling away their precious hours over internet surfing or doing chat are some of the common symptoms indicating the arrival of unwanted guest in the form of ‘boredom’ in your life. The youth of today wants excitement, thrill and sensation. What they need is excitement- by this way or that way. It no longer matters to them whether the things they are doing are creative or destructive. What they really need is- sheer excitement- at the cost of even their precious health. Substance use or taking drugs and indulging in law-breaking activities seem to be their only recourse to fight boredom and also an easy way to articulate what they have remained utterly fail to give right and proper expression.

Youth, who were excluded from meaningful expression of their thoughts and beliefs in their teenage towards social advancement, undergoes dramatic transformation. Boredom soon overpowers them and they then resort to negative expression of themselves through whatever means available to them.

A refined and mature attitude towards life situations with a proper mix of optimism and unstinting power of perseverance can be a lot helpful in combating laziness, lethargy and boring life. Being an adult, if you easily get bored with your day-to-day’s life, what you need to do is to seek adventurous and challenging life. It doesn’t matter whether you get that feel or not. You just have to pursue that kind of challenging, sensational and exciting life. You have no other option to become sane again. If you don’t get away from your present boring life, the time is not far when such boredom would kill, destroy and eliminate you forever. If your present life that you are living or the work you are doing seems painstakingly boring then you should explore new avenues or possibilities to make them more creative, thrilling and adventurous so that you can regain your lost vigor and passion towards life.

It would also be an added benefit if our teens start developing taste for spiritual side of life. It has been reported that the teens who have remained spiritually active throughout their lives have shown a steady improvement and refinement in their attitude towards life and have lived satisfied and joyful lives.

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