1. Common people are brilliant if they believe in their own ideas that come into their own minds.

2. Work on your ideas infused with the potential of creativity and success. If you didn’t work on them then the time is not far when you are going to say, “Why didn’t I cash that idea?”

3. Blend with the trend.

4. It takes patience and humility to keep mute over your own success and progress in life.

5. People we meet are like mirrors reflecting our darkest as well as brightest side of us that we ourselves don’t know about them.

6. One who conquers oneself is the noblest victor.

7. Grace comes to those who says, “We don’t deserve it” and not to those who says, “We deserve it”.

8. Adversity relieves people of Vanity and Egotism.

9. Life gives no one immunity against adversity and failure.

10. Our reaction towards life situations should be positive and full of unmoving faith.

11. Failure and adversity are used by the Mother Nature to chastise people for not being in sync with her laws.

12. Don’t assume your life as something failure or it will remain failure for ever for you.

13. Character is the knitting together of one’s thoughts and deeds.

14. Leave unwise and improper eating, loose talk and thinking and sex.

15. Don’t be always a ‘Right Person’. Don’t stress on your rightness. Sometimes we could be wrong as well.

16. Don’t give anything with resentment and grudge.

17. True leadership is self-discovery, personal responsibility and creating value in the society.

18. Our mistakes are in fact our lessons in disguise.

19. Don’t run from your self and the realities of life. Be bold to face them fairly and squarely.

20. Focus on the things that really count and leave the trash.

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