Life, its substance and purpose, is an enigma, difficult yet not unknowable. With our progressive thinking, we are daily solving some of its secrets. The minutely and scientifically calculated devices of this modern age are certainly remarkable. The proliferating discoveries of physical science are creditably giving us a clearer vision of the ways by which life can be improved.
But in spite of all our devices and strategies and inventions, it seems we are still playthings in the hands of destiny, and have a long way to go before we can be independent of nature’s domination.
To be constantly at the mercy of nature- surely that is not freedom we want and what nature has endowed on all of us. Our enthusiastic minds are rudely seized by a sense of helplessness when we are victimized by floods, tornadoes or earthquake; or when, apparently without any rhyme or reason, illness or accident snatches our dear ones from our bosom. It is that we know we really haven’t conquered much. In spite of all our efforts to make life what we want it to be, there will always remain certain conditions introduced on this planet- infinite and guided by an unknown intelligence, operating without our initiative- which preclude our control.
At best, we can only work and make some improvements. We sow the wheat and make the flour, but who made the original seed? We eat the bread made from the flour, but who made it possible for us to digest and assimilate it.
In every department of life there seems to be, in spite of our instrumentality, an inevitable Divine dependence without which we cannot go along. With all our certainties, we still have to abide an uncertain existence. We do not know when the heart is going to fail. Hence comes the necessity of a fearless reliance on our True Immortal self and on the Supreme Deity in whose image that Self is made- a Faith that acts without egoism, and plods on merrily, knowing no trepidation or constraint.
Exercise absolute fearless surrender to that Higher Power. Never mind that today you make the resolution that you are free and undaunted, and then tomorrow you catch the Flu and becomes miserably sick. Don’t weaken! Command your consciousness to remain steadfast in its Faith. The Self cannot be contaminated by sickness.

By Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda

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