Do we really live our lives being fully aware and responsible about our thoughts and actions? Do we control and command our minds by exercising the power of discretion or intelligence or have we become the dumb-driven cattle of our unconscious thoughts or feelings or desires? It seems that most of us have lost control of our minds. We have become hapless victims or innocent preys of our unconscious urges or repressed feelings of our minds. It appears as if, instead of becoming an actively conscious living being, we have become the puppets hung to the strings of our stray thoughts or repressed desires. Or we can say that we have lost our freedom, intellect and responsibility to our unconscious self.

We are not living our true and authentic life. The life we are living is totally false, shallow and inactive one – without any glow of passion in our hearts . It lacks awareness, aliveness and vibrancy which make one fully conscious and responsible for each and every though that comes into one’s mind.

When we do not exercise self-awareness and self-reflection, we lose control of our intellect and our willpower as well. We spend our lives just satisfying whatever thoughts and desires spring into our minds. We don’t use our discretionary faculty or the power of judgement. We just want to fulfil our sensual and mental urges without deciding about their pros and cons. By pandering blindly and unheeded to our sensual and mental desires, we have weakened and damaged our fortress of reasoning. Not only this, we also have destroyed our spiritual self. We are thus living like a robot, being controlled by someone else. And that ‘someone else’ is none other than ‘our own uncontrolled thoughts and feelings’.

We are not living our lives, authentic lives, but only false lives. Sometimes I think that it is our wandering thoughts, unwelcomed guests, that live their lives through us, instead we living our own lives through them. We lead phony lives or spurious lives. Instead of being the servants of our minds, we should have been the hard masters of our minds.

By not living authentic lives, we are losing the charm and the glow of human life. The charm that can attract and influence anyone. The glow that makes one self full of aliveness or vibrancy. And it is only when we start paying unrequired or unnecessary attention to our stray thoughts or unguided emotional urges, that some of us even become psychic or emotionally disturbed personalities, which further results into some serious psychosomatic diseases. So whenever any thought comes into mind, take full responsibility of it by being self-aware or intellectually active.

Don’t live an unauthentic life but authentic one, real one or dynamic one, with full and undivided responsibility over your thoughts – conscious and unconscious ones. Don’t let your false thoughts live through you, rather live your true self through them. This is the only way to get unbound happiness, bliss and contentment in life. It is also the way to your unstoppable success in your life. Moreover, it is also the mantra for your strong and forceful personality. Every thought matters. Every desire matters. Every feeling matters.

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