An Open Letter To The Hon’ble Prime Minister


A Letter To Establish A Library At Gadi Garh, Jammu


The PMO,
152, South Block,
Raisina Hill, New Delhi-110011

Sub:Application for the issuance of a Grant aid to establish a Resource cell-cum–Public library at Gadi Garh,Jammu.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

“The ignited minds of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth.”

The preceding words of wisdom and remarkable foresightedness by honorable late ex- president of India are enough proof how much he cared for the high-talented, but unguided-more-and-misguided-less youth of India.

During his entire life, he always and unfailingly laid stress on channelising the uncharted, unexploited, but pathetically underestimated youth power of India.

For he knew that India’s destiny rest on the strong and young shoulders of India as they form the maximum part of a demographic dividend.

So, APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision had always been to make India an exceptionally developed country in terms of science, education and economy.

We the youth of Gadi Garh, being inspired by the life of APJ Abdul Kalam, and also like other true Indians, wish to see India as a truly developed country within our life time.

We do not want to see India as a country trailing behind everything and dependent on foreign nations for various technologies and financial help.

We have great desire to see our dearest India to develop successfully its own technologies and monetary sources to revolutionize its economy and thus raising the standard of living of its exploited and oppressed masses.

No doubt ‘desires are seldom fulfilled’, but our potent desire to see India as a developed country would definitely get fulfilled as it is not a common desire, but the one laced with compassion for our country and also with an utmost faith and conviction in its democratic set up through which such huge change could be easily possible .

To make our dream come true, we have projected to start the work right from the place of our residence i.e., Gadi Garh for it would become convenient for us to work on our dream on one hand and to carry out our family obligations on the other hand.

At the first stage of this grand project, we will fully concentrate on education i.e., setting up a learning and reading centre or library and then we would gradually shift our focus to other social issues.

We want to see a universal appeal for reading books as ideas stored in them can bring a great and fundamental change in sleeping and trailing society.

It is only education which makes humanity complete and fully self actualized in every aspect of their life.

A well informed and well-read citizen, they say, is an asset to their country.

Moreover, we would spare some time out of our daily schedule to teach the children of disadvantaged families by implementing various innovative teaching methods.

We would also organize a multitude of activities in our area to sharpen different types of intelligence a child is born with.

Social luminaries and intellectual people would be invited to provide guidance and counseling to the misguided and disturbed youth so as to assimilate them into the fold of intellectual atmosphere and this would definitely bring them on the right track.

After education, it would be social issues like poverty and unemployment on which we would work upon.

It all can become possible only if the local people of Gadi Garh are blessed with a well established Resource cell -cum-Public library which can become an epicenter of a huge social revolution.

The revolution whose sole objective would only be to channelize the sleeping goodness and intelligence of underestimated youth power of India.

Resource cell-cum Public library will work like an incubator where modern community welfare societies, being the representatives of popular government ,would effectively fight against grave and common social issues, youth waywardness, women suppression, health problems, people grievances, old age unpreparedness, etc.

Having had the first hand experience with the importance of youth empowerment, women upliftment, career counseling, hygiene programmes, public library, information sharing, cultural shows, personality development programmes and many more activities, we have strong conviction that the Resource cell-cum-Public library that we intend to establish at our area could become an effective platform to tap into immense hidden capacities of our youth.

The Resource cell-cum-Public library will be a hub of all social, intellectual and creative activities as discussed in the previous paragraphs.

The library would be stocked with books on different genres.

A campaign would also be started to develop a culture of book reading in our society so that we are able to produce great leaders in different fields for it is rightly said that ‘leaders are readers’.

The Resource Cell can serve as a platform for discussion on various social issues.

Such discussions are most important as it is only due to these that the thinking of the masses gets ignited and refined.

We can also organize legal awareness camps, medial camps etc. in the Resource cell-cum-Public library for the general welfare of our society.

We the youth of Gadi Garh have so many innovative ideas and plans in our minds that if they are worked upon, then our society can reap many benefits.

But for such a noble dream to get actualized, we are in a dire need of a building where both the Resource cell and the Public library could be run successfully.

This realization of our dream could become reality only and only if a dynamic leader like you take a revolutionary step which could bring a massive transformation in the field of education on one hand and the upliftment of the masses on the other hand.


1.Quiz Competition.

2.Reading/Writing Competition.

3.Spoken English classes.

4.Creativity workshop.

5.Drawing competition.

6.Art & Craft activities.

7.Public speaking classes.

8.Tuition classes for needy students.

9.Guidance and counseling.

10.Letter and essay drafting competition.

11.Science exhibitions.

12.Computer classes/ Provision of Internet and projector facility.

13.Demonstration of Science experiments.

14.Grammar and vocabulary classes.

15.Mental Maths classes.

16.Memory workshops.

17.Guest lectures by Social Intellectuals/Teachers/Motivational speakers etc.

18.Motivation classes.

19.Group activities.

20.G.K. Classes.

21.Educational Seminars.

22.Personality development programmes.

23.Projecting documentaries, educational movies etc., thus making use of modern technology like projector and related multi-media technology.

So sir, it is a noble and worthy aspiration on the part of youth community, Gadi Garh in particular and others in general that you grace us with your kind and prompt action so that the issuance of a suitable grant for such humanitarian project which has also been our long cherished dream could soon become possible.
Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Youth Community
Gadi Garh, Jammu
Jammu and Kashmir,
Contact no. 7889827243


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