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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Seeing the present day world crises in the form of petty human greed and petty human arrogance, it seems that today’s much educated and highly enlightened humanity was never at its worst as it is today. The people of today have lost their God-gifted and everlasting values of love, compassion and philanthropy. They have gone exceedingly mad in their pursuits of fame, wealth and social dominance.

It doesn’t matter to them whether they get such fleeting name, fame and wealth through good or bad means and it also doesn’t matter to them at all whether they get such materialistic things at the cost of their or others’ lives. What really matters to them is the illusory charm and taste of wealth and power. And when one gets intoxicated with the drugs of ego and power, ‘the truth’ then becomes the only and the biggest casualty.

Besides ‘the truth’ the ever-shining values of kindness, compassion and charity also get killed in the process. Whether they are today’s journalists, reporters, politicians or government servants, everyone is busy in amassing wealth and distorting truth- by this way or that way. Nobody wants to share or present the truth because nobody is honest in themselves.

Honesty and integrity have become aliens to them. Moreover, the people of today think that being honest and accountable pays no dividends, rather it digs grave for them. To them, it also eats away one’s saved wealth and damages one’s false social image. Distortion of truth and exaggeration of lie has been catching the fancy of today’s greedy and social status-loving man.

Saying and showing something in its truest and naked form is no more the business of today’s society and especially today’s buyable media and cheap and mean politicians. Society needs something glossy, something decorated and also something garnished. No naked truth! Because ‘the truth’ always hurts!We at lifepotter.com feel proud and intrepid to say that whatever news, article or write-up we share here will be free from any force, fear, pressure, inducements, greed and human selfishness. Hiding truth will not be our business to earn wealth and false respect.

Distorting truth will also not be our motive. Apart from presenting truth in its naked form and highlighting the burning issues of our society, we will also focus on encouraging our youth with motivational and other inspiring articles so that they could become the successful people of their dreams, the best children of their parents and the best and the productive citizens of their countries.