Student life is really full of so much of hardships and sacrifices. If you want to get evidence for it, go and ask those, who achieve lustrous result at the end of their academic session. Living in a hostel when students are out of their hometown, teach them practical life lessons of discipline, behaviour, home management and financial acumen.

Student life is charming and pleasurable at one hand and arduous and torturous on the other hand. Being a hosteller and thinking of waking up early, seems loathsome to most of the students. And what could be said when the rules of a hostel start seeming like draconian in nature, when meals time is fixed and is carved on stone. Some students who rise early, not only have their breakfast early but fresh and delicious. Others leave their bed late and therefore, by law and fact, have to eat cold and sagging meal.

Deliciously hot meals are meant for those students who have developed the art of rising early, who have recognised their responsibilities and potential earlier than the rest of the sleeping class of students. This is also a fact and a stark truth in our social life too. The people who are serious and determined towards their goals in life, never play fast and loose with their valuable and precious lives. They consciously know what really they are meant for. They work on their weaknesses and take advantage of their talent, potential and unlimited calibre.

They quickly take hold of their lives as for as their responsibilities and accountability towards their ownself, family and society is concerned. They never love to sleep till the dawn and have cold and insipid meals as left by others. They know well how to manage their lives, time and energy. And this is also that lucky section of the students who manage to become enviously successful even before 20s 0r 30s. Not only this, they also get big applause from their parents, teachers, relatives and friends. Moreover, the taste of real and sublime happiness in the form of such early and rapid success is also meant for such brave category of people.

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