1. Whenever we fall ill we go to government hospitals and thus have to go through a long and rigorous ordeal of getting treated but which hospitals do you go when you yourself fall ill? Why is it that I don’t see you coming regularly to or preferring government hospitals like we?   Are cheap and dirty government hospitals meant only for common and vulgar people like us and not you? Are such hospitals not safe for you and your family? Is your life more valuable than ours?  What about our lives and health? Are we not health-conscious people like you? Being a minister you yourself don’t prefer such hospitals then why should we and moreover, why you got them constructed? Why such double standard?

  2. During elections you come to us while folding your hands as if none other than you is most humble than you but what happens to you when you win elections? What happens to you when you become some sort of minister and never think of visiting us again? What happens to you when I see you shooting through road in cavalcade with your security personnel or at some institute or in some state-organized function as there you don’t recognize me at all?  Why such disregard, indifference, and neglect?

  3. You know that there are many beggars, orphans, and poverty-stricken critical patients who can’t manage finance for their hefty medical bills but still you don’t do anything for them, why? You all ministers have a lot of power, influence, and money and what not. You can do anything possible for them, but you don’t, why? To win elections you have an exceptional mental ability to devise a well-planned strategy but why not here? Do you have brains only for yourself or for others as well? Are ministers like you live only for their own stomachs or for others as well’?  Don’t you feel the terrible pain of the people around you?

  4. You came in power while promising all of us that you would lessen our sufferings and troubles but why is it that with your coming in power suddenly all our sufferings and troubles have accelerated like anything?  Why is it that the street that used to be unpaved before you won election is still unpaved? You promised giving us well-constructed drainage system for our area, then why is it so that the waste water from the houses that used to flow openly on the street still flows shamelessly? Moreover, what would you say about the file that we submitted in your office for the construction of a public park in our locality and is still gathering dust without receiving little a gaze from your side? Why is it so?

  5. The rate of increasing unemployment has still not been tackled so well that we all could feel safe and secure of our daily earthly survival. And when someone get employed after putting in so much of hard work and bearing so much financial, social, and domestic sufferings still people are not happy with the way politics hinder their smooth going professional lives. Could you tell me why one government employee gets transferred haphazardly or unsystematically and one gets transferred according to one’s preference and wishes? Why such a kind of preferential treatment? Why such nepotism? Are you a minister of selected few or the whole common lot?  Were you chosen to show soft corner to some and hard corner to some? Are you really an upright, righteous, and just minister?

  6. You came in power through us, through our votes, through our decision but still you don’t consider us people of some weight and substance. If you really had considered us something indispensable then you should definitely have kept all the government institutes like hospitals, police stations and courts under your strict control so that they could look after us in a respectful and just manner but you didn’t, why?  Why do we common people still feel scared and horrified at the thought of going to such above mentioned government places where human dignity and worth are trampled in an uncivilized manner? Can’t you see yourself that what has become of these government places where no one is interested to serve the society in the best possible manner? Only those people are shown regard and consideration who peddle some political influence. Why?

  7. Managing office and managing people’s problems are different things. No doubt, to manage people’s problems an office is needed but it doesn’t mean that one should get entangled and enmeshed in office work only. An office can be sacrificed for people but sacrificing people for an office is an idiotic and absurd thing. People’s problems can be discerned and felt only by being a part of their lives and not by sitting in some cozy office. What are you doing on ground to connect to them in a genuine and sincere manner? Are you visiting their places on a regular basis? Are you celebrating national, religious, and cultural festivals with them or your own family? Are you holding any janta darbar (public meeting) in their villages and towns? Are you listening to their queries and grievances? Are you able to become a part of their solutions or are you still a part of their problems?

  8. Being a minister and enjoying unrestricted and unqualified power, everything is possible for you, then why people in India still don’t have their own houses? There are so much unused and wasteland which can be allotted to the landless poor people who don’t have even an inch of land to get their houses constructed but you don’t think about them, why? Are you busy grabbing your own land share while you are in power?  When would people’s dreams come true when they have their own houses?

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