Over 5 crore people in India are suffering from the serious ailment of depression – as was declared by the World Health Organization in February 2017 – and the counting is still on. Depression is a serious psychological disorder which leaves its victims half dead and half alive. It is a kind of ‘severe perception disorder’ which makes life seem unbearable and hellish to its victims. And if left untreated, could result in serious health consequences to its victims.  To a normal thinking person life seems quite ok and normal but to a depressed one life would seem a bundle of unending worries and problems. Depression can also be taken as a form of ‘stress’ or ‘mental pressure’ or we can say that it is a child form of ‘stress’ which becomes a full-matured adult if precautions and prevention are not taken on time. Can you say that ‘stress’ is a disease? No! Isn’t it? Why? Because taking some little bit of stress while we go through our daily lives is natural and normal to us.   It is in itself not a disease but it becomes a full blown disease when we start taking un-required and un-essential stress in our lives.    Yes friends, depression is the result of over-thinking or out-of-the-order thinking or abnormal thinking.

Suppose an average and unintelligent friend of yours become something big in life, how would you respond to his success?  Would you feel jealous or would you really feel elated and appreciate him over his success or would you ignore him as if his success doesn’t matter to you at all or would you try to demean him behind his back or just congratulate him in an un-enthusiastic manner or sulk miserably under the burden of his success? Generally, we all know that whether that friend is good or bad, moral or immoral, average or competent, he should be acknowledged and appreciated for his achievement irrespective of our simmering thoughts of jealousy and resentment and irrespective of our thoughts to hurt or say something bad against him. And it is what we all call ‘social and moral etiquettes’ as far as our laws of behavior are concerned. We all know very well that if we too had achieved such covetous success in life then we too would have loved to get social appreciation. But for those who don’t think and behave in socially and logically acceptable manner, such a situation might give them unnecessary stress or pressure. And the day is not far off when such an inability or weakness of ours to ‘give up’, yes to ‘give up’ the feelings of insecurity and inadequacy arising from the environment around us may take the form of big monster of ‘depression’.

Depression is just an ‘abnormal way of thinking’. It is that psychological condition when our mind starts taking things extremely serious or extremely funny. What would you do if you know that you don’t have money in your pockets and you also need money urgently because someone in your house is ill and for his treatment you need money? The normal way will be to ask someone for help or request doctors to help you on compassionate manner or do whatever possible you can do on your side. But the abnormal way will be – not to accept the fact that you don’t have any money – and this will then create unproductive and destructive tension in your mind that will soon take ugly form of depression.  Now, let us try to understand what depression is.

Depression is our inability to accept the stark, heart-rending, and naked realities of life.

Depression is our tendency to postpone the systematic and organized solutions of day to day life and not to confront them head on.

Depression is our impotency to give up what is eating and burning our hearts e.g sometimes we feel helpless in forgetting about someone’s success.

Depression is our incapacity and lack of will power to accept the naked fact that we have failed, that we have lagged behind others, that someone has gone above us in social and professional ranking, that we have done nothing in life, that we have nothing left with us, that the world has moved farther than us and we are still standing where we used to stand in the past, that nothing is going to work out, that people who used to behind us in every way have gone far ahead of us, that  there seem to be no way out of this critical and terrible situation, and many more day-to-day things like them that you can count well in your mind.

Depression is the absence of will power in us to accept our own internal weaknesses and incapacities.

Depression is our own powerlessness to use our minds in an organized and systematic manner.

Depression is our own incapability to see crystal-clearly through the reality of our own thoughts whether they are appropriate or inappropriate, whether they are our unleashed fantasies of our mind or some hard facts.

So friends, finally you have known in detail what depression is in reality. Depression doesn’t arrive out of the blue or come suddenly. Before it comes into your life, it prepares a strong and elaborate stage for its arrival. It creates favorable conditions for its survival. It doesn’t come spontaneously. It takes a long time before it could attack your normal thinking process. The only way to fight depression is taking full control of your mind i.e thinking what is accurate and appropriate and leaving what is trash or what makes you suffer illegitimately. Try to develop a logical and rational mind. Don’t let unnecessary things start piling up in your mind. The more you leave problems affecting your life unresolved the more you would get close to depression.

Depression is totally curable and treatable. It just needs your will power, ever-alertness, and definite thinking pattern of mind.  Treating depression is totally in your hands. You don’t even need to go to some psychiatrist. Just keep patience and courage and devote enough time to study and observe the defective patterns of your mind.

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