Here are four most difficult interview questions that freshers often face in their personal interview round. Answers to them are also given under them in a well-researched manner. Read them and know how to score full points in them and that too without facing any post interview related stress and worry. As far as your respected discretion and experience is concerned, you can also add more garnish to it.

Question No.1) Do you have any problem with relocation or travelling?

Answer) Relocating is not a problem when it gives you an opportunity to fight stagnancy and uninspiring lifestyle- either at work or at home. Staying at one place becomes a hindrance to your future growth being a professional.
Relocating to different places helps one mind open up to new and untapped opportunities and it also enhances one’s professional skills. To ambitious person relocating is seen as a kind of great opportunity for its vibrant success. It also adds up to one’s experience in life.

Question No. 2) Why should I hire you?
Answer) I can’t say that I am perfect but good enough to learn new things in life. I want to take the first step towards my career by showing my untapped talent and knowledge. Your company seems to me the best platform to start my career as far as my potential and vision is concerned. I say with conviction that if hired, I would never disappoint you in any manner.
Reciprocity between your needs and my skills is the common point which I think makes me suitably fit for your organization.

Question No.3) Why do u want to join our company?
Answer) You are one of the leading and growing company in today’s time of competition, so it would give me great work culture and environment to hone up my talent, potential and experience.
Moreover, by word of mouth and other available sources, I came to know that your company provides tremendous growth opportunities for its employees.

Question No.4) Where do you want to see yourself in five years?
Ans.) A much-experienced and refined professional both in my skills and attitude. I would love to see myself at that position where my words hold a value, respect and positive results both for my company and me.
Moreover, I would appreciate to be in a position where I can have my own identity and respect to the people I work with.
Additionally I would aspire to be in a position where my company feels proud to see me as an asset and not a liability.

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