1. Don’t see others through the window of past memories or past experiences. How people have behaved or what people have done with you in the past was limited to that time only but now the situations have changed altogether. It may be that the person who might have hurt you in the past may have turned into a good and mature person in the present. Human keeps on learning and unlearning and so we must never develop a fixed and rigid perception for others. It will only hurt us and not others. We need to give space to change of thoughts and change of perception.
  2. We all have been housing inner civil wars…our jealousies…our hatred…our resentment…our guilt feeling about misdeeds and our own un-accomplishments…our inferiority complex, and etc. The stark and naked fact is that we are not at daggers drawn with other people…we are at daggers drawn with our ownselves.  
  3. Sometimes our mind feels repulsive for some events or life situations or for the actions of people around us…why? It is because of our past bad experience and bad memories. Most of us carry relational patterns from our past lives and that is the reason behind our neurotic lifestyle that is halting our strong emotional growth.
  4. It is still a mystery and nobody can satisfactorily define that why some children feel so agonized and traumatized by a thorny childhood and others patiently tolerate even harsher ones and emerge into adulthood functioning well and leading a normal life.
  5. All of us – no matter whether we are women or men, girls or boys, toddler or a school going, teen or an adult, old or very old  – crave for some sort of emotional nurture and so along the way we all acquire some kinds of behavioral techniques through which we exhibit our most pressing emotional requirements e.g people getting sick to show that they need to be looked after and hovered after.
  6. Collect anything in life but for God’s sake never collect grudges in life. They will ruin your life for the worst. Grudges never let you have a sound sleep, sound health, sound finance, sound mind and sound relationships with others.
  7. Never get burned by the acids of bitterness, malice and revenge.
  8. Not aim for some kind of conquest when you are conversing or having a discussion with others. Aim only for mutual and harmonious resolution without hurting the feeling of anyone. Always try to pin down what is right instead of pinning down who is right.

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