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1. Mithapur coastal region of Devbhoomi-Dwarka district in Gujarat,India, is all set to have the country’s first coral garden.

2. Blue Economy-International Seminar was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Sept. 1 and 2, 2014.

3. The Archaeologists have found two ancient Mayan cities hidden in the jungle of southeastern Mexico.

4. India’s first (also world’s first) Ayurveda referral hospital, ‘All India Institute Of Ayurveda) comes in Jasola, Delhi. It has been constructed on 10 acres of land with a built area of 40000 sq.ft. The Union Health Ministry has spent Rs. 157 crores over it.

5. Jose Graziano da silva, Director General, FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization), was named Doctor Honoris Causa by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute(IARI) and made a fellow of India’s National Academy of Agricultural Sciences(NAAS)

6. Leonardo DiCaprio, an Academy Award-nominated actor and an environmental activist has been designated the United Nations Messenger of Peace by the UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon, with a special focus on climate change.

7. The Indian-origin Antara Haldar became first non-European law lecturer at Cambridge University.

8. Fiji on Sept. 17-2014 went to the general elections to select the 50 members of the Fijian Parliament. The previous Prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, was re-elected.

9. Project ‘Mausam’, a Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s utmost noteworthy policy project is soon to be launched as India’s answer to China’s ‘Maritime Silk Route’ and to dampen China’s rising impact in the Indian Ocean region.

10. By attracting 1000 applications from around the world, the revived ancient Nalanda University of Bihar, India, began its first academic session from Sept.1, 2014. Initially it includes 15 students with five women and 10 faculty members.

11. ICICI Bank, to empower its customers as well as their families and friends in India, launched Card-less cash withdrawal. Now customers can withdraw cash from ATMs without their debit cards and transfer funds to anyone in India, even if that person doesn’t have an account in any bank.

US based pharma major Gilead, the patent holder of Hepatitis-C Sofosbuvir drug, gave voluntary licenses to Indian pharma companies to make generic version of Sofosbuvir.

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