1. Never take your life lightly. But never take it too serious as well. Each day, each minute, and each moment counts. What you think and do today is going to lay strong foundation for what you will become in future.

  2. Keep check on your thoughts and habits. Thoughts are the brick of the building of your behavior and conduct in life. Negative and destructive thoughts lay the foundation of a bad personality. Positive and great thoughts lay the foundation of a great personality. Take regular stock of what you think for others and yourself. Changing thoughts will change your habits. Changed habits will then change your personality. Either be a good or bad personality, it is totally up to you. It is totally your own responsibility.

  3. Do regular self-examination as it would give you a substantial peek into your own character weaknesses and strengths and into your own good deeds and misdeeds.

  4. Hold truth and honesty to be more important than your own self-interest and self-comfort.

  5. Against ‘truth’ and ‘responsibility’ consider your personal discomfort relatively unimportant.

  6. Always try to redefine, readjust, refine, and recheck your attitudinal roadmaps. Burn out and throw away the old, useless, and outmoded roadmaps of your attitude – the attitude through which you look towards the inner and the outside world.

  7. Have a ‘definite goal’ or a ‘passionate dream’ in your life. Goals are the steps towards your ‘big dream’ in life. Those who haven’t made any goals in their life can be seen loitering and wandering here and there. They can be seen doing worthless and disgraceful stuff. They can be seen crying and repenting their lives as if they have done big blunders with their lives. Goals are most essential for a stable and successful life. Knowing one’s target before you are able to hit anything is an indispensable requirement.  Unless and until you know where you want to go in life you will never be able to take strong decisions in your life. You will never be able to carve a strong, respectable, and successful career in life. Without any hint of direction about where you want to travel it will become easy for you to get bewildered and lost.

  8. Never change the tracks of your chosen dreams in life. It is not a good habit to change your dreams frequently as it shows that you’re still confused and undecided about your life. Indecision will not take you very far. Sooner or later you will have to repent your taken weak decisions in life.

  9. Never delay or postpone what you can do today. Procrastination or ‘delaying things’ is a deadly human weakness. It arises out of one’s lethargy and non-serious attitude towards life.

  10. Never try to sacrifice your tomorrow’s big gains for today’s cheap pleasures.

  11. All of us have a lot of potential and power in us. We just remain ignorant and unaware of those inherent capacities of us. Just make daily efforts to awaken your inner power and potential.

  12. Always focus on positive, great and healthy things in life. Stop considering negative stuff of your mind. It has never given you anything worthwhile or is going to give you anything in future as well.

  13. Make your talent, potential, or creativity as your only interest and passion in life and then see whether success comes to you or not.

  14. Never feel shy and afraid of what you believe and speak.

  15. Don’t live confused and absent-mindedly as if you don’t know what to do in life.

  16. Never compromise with your work. It is your work only that keeps money in your pocket and bank account. Money runs this whole world. So never try to shirk your work at any cost.

  17. Respect and love your parents as much as you can. Our existence today is only possible to their sacrifice and hard work. Our life’s comforts and warmth have been made possible only due to our parents’ hard work and selfless love towards us. We should always obey to them like dedicated and devoted children. Their comfort, happiness, and solace should be our topmost priority in life. Without keeping them happy and joyful we would never be able please anybody else in life.

  18. Never sacrifice your parental love for your friends’ false love. Friends keep on changing, they keep on coming and going but parents will never. Parents always remain our parents irrespective of our high and low times. But false and selfish friends leave us the moment we face any serious life tragedy or disaster. The parents whom we ignore, neglect, and show disregard just for our false friends are the same parents who provide us their blissful comfort and heavenly warmth during our lean times. An asset like parents has no match and price in the whole universe. Even the entire diamond mine of Kimberley, South Africa seems cheap and worthless against the self-less love of parents.

  19. God is the ultimate creator, sustainer, and destroyer on earth. Without Him this whole creation of universe along with human life was not possible at all. Always pray to God. Praying to God renew our dull energy, passion, and courage in life. Remain close to God by unfailingly remembering Him. Have unshattering and complete faith in God. It is rightly quoted in the Bible that ‘Be bold and mighty forces will come to your rescue’.

  20. Whatever you earn from your work, make it a daily practice to keep aside some minimum amount from it so that it could be contributed righteously for the welfare of the socially oppressed, neglected, tormented, and the poverty-stricken people around you. There are many people like them around us who we never pay any respectable and worthwhile heed to.

  21. Never let the deadly sting of hardships, difficulties, sadness, and sorrow hurt you. Face every difficulty and hardship in life as they come to make you strong and wise but never let them overpower your mind. Never let them weaken your hope, passion, courage, and positive qualities. Stand firm and steady like Mt. Everest. Never let any negative feelings of despair and depression cross over, across, and through you.

  22. Never feel afraid and weak to raise your voice against anybody who takes your self-respect and dignity for granted (as if you are some non-existent thing on earth). Your self-esteem or self-respect or dignity is the only thing that makes you significant and valuable against others. Letting others trample hard on our dignity means that we have lost our value or price. We have to protect and preserve it any cost as we can.

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