1. Automated Cars:

In future, the need to drive or have drivers for your cars will be done away with. A unique and wonderful technology is already in operation in some countries where cars are driven on their own i.e without any driver sitting in them. The driver of car is replaced with a ‘robot’ or ‘automation’ like technology that handles all the driving operations. Even finding directions where the person sitting in car wants to go is not a bothering issue at all.

2. Love Making Humanoids:

A kind of technology has been made available to the modern day humans where they will not need any physical human for the satisfaction and fulfillment of all their sexual desires and urges. What they need is one human like robots which can make sex with them in the manner they desire. Such humanoids (human like machines) operate according to ‘emotional sensors’ that have been installed in them. Touching some of their parts arouse them like a real human. You can use them in whatever way you want to. Such a technology seems to be a great blessing in disguise as it will prevent future generations from becoming ‘homosexuals’ and ‘sexually perverts’.

3. Robotic Housemaids:

Technology has dispensed away with the need to keep or hire housemaids or servants for all your daily house chores like sweeping, mopping, and washing clothes. Now all such odd jobs of your house can easily be done by remote controlled machines or robots. You just have to give them commands (as already registered in their brains like chips) from a hand-held remote. Suppose you want to sweep your room, you just have to give ‘text’ or ‘voice command’ mentioning the details where you want to have cleaning and within minutes your sweeping will be done.

4. Amazing Windscreens of Cars:

A great disadvantage that we all faces with our cars windscreens is that they don’t lower the intensity of the blinding and glaring light coming from the windscreens of others cars during night. Such a disadvantage has caused many life-taking accidents on roads, especially during night. You know very well how you feel when a blinding light from others’ vehicles falls on your eyes while driving at night. A technology is being invented for the windscreens of your cars which could decrease the blinding effect of the light coming to your eyes from the vehicles opposite your car. This invention will save many precious lives from dying untimely.

5. ‘Temperature Sensors’ for your house:

Temperature Sensors are being invented that could adjust the inside temperature of your house according to the changing temperature outside your house. With this technology, you will no more shiver inside your house during winters and sweat out during summers.

6. Sensors to indicate leakage in your sanitary fitting (water conduit system) of your house:

It is one of the pestering problems in our houses when we are not able to know about any kind of leakage in our ‘water conduits (pipes)’ inside our houses. In coming future, sensors like things will be fitted in water conduits that would raise alarm the moment they feel any water leakage from the pipes, thus making our trouble less. And this will also prevent our buildings from getting spoiled and defaced with the annoying problem of ‘watery walls’.

7. Magic Eyes:

Scientists have been inventing a technology that could make humans see even in the darkness or during night. What scientists in fact are working on is a kind of unique technology that could be fitted inside one’s eyes or worn over one’s eyes and that could be operated manually when there is no light outside. If this technology gets invented by our scientists, it would create wonders for all humanity. Then we will be able to walk even during night, be able to see someone standing in the darkness, or be able to read inside even under our blankets during chilling winters.

8. Automatic Electric & Security System Of Buildings.

With this technology you will no more need to leave the soothing and pleasing warmth of your blankets during winters so that you could switch on or switch off the lights of your room. This wonderful technology will allow you to operate the entire electric system of your building with a remote control device held in your hands. Not only this, even the gates of your buildings are going to be automatically opened and closed (seeing your preferred guest faces registered on the screen of your gates).

9. Auto billing and Auto check out:

When inside some small departmental store or a shopping mall, you will not have to face any human salesman and human bill boy; you just need to collect your items and go to an automatic billing section where your bill will be done within seconds. And with this you will be able to save your time and energy that you often consume unnecessarily while having human interaction inside such shopping stores.

10. Wonder Books Of Future:

How many of you feel troublesome and tiring whenever you go to library and have to walk across a maze of different racks while looking for the book you want to read? It is really a time and energy consuming task. Isn’t it? Don’t worry. Scientists around the world are inventing a rare kind of technology that will make your drudgery of finding a book seems like an enjoyable task. Future library will be such that the moment you announce the name of such and such book with its writer, that book  will automatically come out of its shelve wherever it is kept. Not only this, if you want to keep the book back from where it was taken, you just have to announce the name again and give voice command ‘go back to your place again’.

11. E-Tutors:

This technology has already been catching the fancy of the younger generation like anything. It has been creating wonders and miracles in their lives as far as their education and learning is concerned. With it parents don’t need to have home tutors for their children. With its prevalence today’s children don’t need to travel far afar to get education. Now, with just one laptop or desktop installed at their houses, their children can get quality and great education from highly qualified and experienced teachers available 24-hours online.

12. Mind Readers:

It will be the biggest milestone in future technology. This technology will give humans a magical power to read the minds of the people standing in front of them. Whatever going on in our minds will come completely bare in front of the person using this technology.

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