What are your deepest urges that motivate you do things that you do in life? We all have some deep psychological and physical urges that always push us to do whatever we do while going through our journey of life. Let us know those 12 motives or urges that make us run like anything in life:

1. Self-preservation

This instinct is hardwired in our minds since the time of our conception. We all turn extremely selfish and shamelessly self-centered when it comes to preserve our lives. We all know that whenever we come into the periphery of any life-taking scenario, we all get self-focused and lose no single effort to preserve our own lives. Rare are those few but great people who always think for others’ lives. Man is a selfish animal and this fact has already been proven in many ways. To see ourselves coming out safe and unharmed through some serious catastrophe is fixed in our minds by birth.


2. Booming Health

We all desire to remain perfectly healthy – physically and psychologically. A life without any onslaught of diseases is needed by all. Everything around us feels light, good, and at peace if health is fine. It is our sound health that let us carry on with our lives in an effective and efficient manner. No one likes to appear sick, pale, and weak as it diminishes one’s physical and social appeal.  A healthy body often makes us lead a disease-free life and thus keep medical costs immensely down.


3. Food To Eat

A food is something that provides nutrients. It provides us energy for daily life activities, bodily and mental growth, and helps in maintaining proper and smooth functions of breathing, digestion, and keeping us warm. Human lives and survives on food. It is food only that keeps us alive and kicking while going through different aspect of life. Food gives us energy and fuel to exist on earth and so to get it we all strive hard in one or the other way. It is also a fact that food makes people to take either straight path or a crooked path. What matters in the end is that one should get food on their plates. Sometimes, people do take others’ lives (without having any iota of guilt and moral fear) just to get bread on their plates.


4. Sleep For Rest

A man who doesn’t get timely and proper amount of sleep can easily come under the grip of severe physical and mental problems. Sleep is said to be a great refreshing tonic for healthy body and healthy mind. It is through proper sleep only that our memories get solidified and consolidated. Sleep restores and rejuvenates our lost and dwindled energy and nutrients of body. It also comes helpful in the growth of muscles. It renews our cells and tissues. How would you feel when travelling on a fully-packed night train you didn’t get seat to sit on or sleep? Under the pressure from your mind (which wants to take rest at night) wouldn’t you get an intense urge to fall asleep even while standing on train?


5. Money and The Things That Money Can Buy

It is not a forgotten fact that money makes our lives go. Our coming into this human life is possible only when doctors receive their fees from our parents and make our smooth and secure delivery. When we die, our dead bodies also need money for their proper burial or cremation. If soul is said to be the driving force of our bodies, money can be taken as the driving force of all the aspects of our lives – biological, personal, domestic, social, religious, professional, and political.  Without money both living and dying in a respectable manner is not possible at all. Money is must for human survival on earth as it gives one power to purchase goods and items deemed essential for one’s existence on earth.


6. Life in the hereafter/Spiritual Emancipation

A permanent and confirmed seat in Heaven has also become one of the crying needs of today’s man. Each and everyone of us start feeling insecured and deeply frightened when we reach the last stage of our lives. The fear of godly punishment for our sins and misdeeds committed shamelessly on earth always harass and torture us during the final phase of our lives. We all then try to come up with different ways to make such heavenly punishment seem light and bearable.

7. Sexual Gratification

No one can fight against their sexual desires. It is something seriously natural that we can’t avoid at any manner. Sex is the most dominant emotion in human beings and it is the driving force behind all humanity on earth. Man comes through the process of sex. Without the presence of sex in us life is not possible at all. Sex is inherently present in us and so it dominates our entire human psychology. There are many people around us who we have seen becoming mad when they tried to repress their sexual tendencies in one or the other inhuman and unnatural way.

8. The well being of our children

We can never match the great and shining qualities of the love and the self-sacrifice of parents. Parents always pray and hope for the well being of their little children. You can find them always busy struggling hard in their daily lives. Do you know for what? Just to see their children happy and healthy. All parents desire to see their children leading their lives in a joyful and prosperous manner. Children’s smiling faces and bright career are the rewards that parents try to seek in return of their hard labor for them.


9. A Feeling of Importance/ A Desire To Be Hero and A Heroine/ A Desire To Be The Master of Others

We all have a craving need to feel important and significant in our social circles. We all want to look someone special and privileged so that we could catch attention of people in our society. We will never shy away from doing whatever it takes to feel significant and worthwhile in front of people around us. It often comes to our minds that we should have some power in our hands so that we could easily control and influence our friends, known ones, and neighbors.

This burning need to feel someone special is common to all human beings. We all want to know that we matter a lot to others, that we are something special, that we are far superior to others in whatever we have or possess in our lives. We always strive hard to achieve some special status and attention in the eyes of the general public. We all imagine in our minds that the traffic cop will let us go away when we have been found with no licence with us. We all feel that we will be entertained first while standing in a long serpentine queue of citizens in some public bank.


10. Love

We express our feeling of love through deeply strong and personal bonds that we usually develop with our life partners, immediate family members, and close friends. When we love or feel loved by someone, it gives us the feeling of security that we are not alone in the world, that there is someone in life who cares for us. As a matter of fact we can say that the whole world around us runs on the eternal and grand principle of love. We can love anything or anyone in life, regardless of the consequences emerging out of our relationship with them.  People love their parents, children, siblings, friends, relatives, money, houses, cars, etc. In reality, love is behind the driving force of this world which is directing it on the path of success and prosperity.  It drives us towards what we do in life.


11. Vanity In Women

It is an open held secret that women love to be vain i.e being rudely showy and ostentatious of their possessions and things. If ego is the fuel that drives men, vanity is said to be the fuel present in women that usually drives them and influences their thoughts and behavior in life. Majority of women feel elated, distinct, and powerful while showing their newly acquired ornaments, clothes, and designer bags to their friends. Such flagrant and public display of their acquired things (mostly expensive ones) makes them feel important and special in the eyes of others. Being vain is their permanent fixture in life.


12. Egotism In Men

Men are no less aggressive and showy than women. Like women, who are vain in their psychological constitution, men are egoist in their nature. Men always think and work under the impression of their flaring egos. Being egoist is their only quality that never let them feel down and out in any competition in life. It is the impression of deeply-set ego in men that not let them cry or weep in front of other male members of society. Crying and weeping amidst other male member and especially in front of female members, make them look weak and coward.

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