1. Social Evils:
Like Child Marriage, Dowry, Caste Division, Superstitions or Blind Faith etc. These evil social practices caste aspersions on the healthy political and social image of our country.

2. Immoral Political Leadership:
No strong leadership like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Gopal Krishan Gokhale, Lala Lajpat Rai, Rajendra Prasad, Subhash Chandra Bose etc. as was seen before independence. Today’s politics are party/individual/self-based and not citizen-based or country-based.
Every party or the runner of that party wants to full their own pockets. Nobody wants to do something appreciative for their countries.

3. Unawareness & Illiteracy Among Different Or Multi-cultural/Multi-regional/ Multi-traditional/ Multi-religious People:
Different regions like different religions have different issues. There could never be any feeling of mutual sacrifice or mutual cooperation among them owing to their ego clash.

4. The Habit Of Sitting Idle.
Most of the Indians (barring some few) don’t want to do anything progressive and productive. They just want to open their dirty mouths and say this or that thing- full of taunts and criticism.

5. The Practice of Getting Something For Nothing:
‘Buy one and get one free’, ‘Free’- these are the words that Indians prefer to see on the consumer products before buying them. We have gone over smart in getting something for nothing without investing any labor or amount.

6. Spoon feeding- Loving Dependency & Hating Entrepreneurship:
Our heads drop with gut-wrenching shame when it comes to the top seats in the manufacturing and the innovation in consumer products and other technological gadgets. Most of the products that one sees in the Indian markets, don’t belong to India at all. They are imported from the foreign markets. We are poor in technological innovation and scientific entrepreneurship. We are quick in importing them rather than creating them in our own country. For our daily needs we are gradually getting dependent on foreign countries- even for baby’s milk too.

7. The Tendency To Look For International Grants Rather Than Exploit Our Own Human Potential & Natural Resources:
We love to beg instead of putting our sharp thinking and hard labor to work. We hate being self-dependent. When natural or man-made disaster strikes our country- we quickly spread our begging hands towards developed countries. Can’t we take our country to such great height that instead of asking for help we become capable of helping others graciously? Let us exploit our human as well as natural resources to their best.

8. The Tendency To Seek Pleasures Rather Than Rewards.
We want to seek physical and mental pleasures but not social, economical and spiritual rewards. We have become the victims of our senses. Our senses are controlling us.

9. Sheep Mentality:
That could be clearly seen in our political and business leadership.

10. Religious Stagnation:
Religion which was supposed to enlighten us about our human weaknesses is poisoning our mentality- thanks to our vicious religious leaders.

11. Blind Love For Old Things:
We are addicted to old practices, old and baseless customs, rituals, and traditions, old beliefs and many other old things that we don’t want to gat part with- reason, nothing but just blind addiction. We have become masters in blind following. We don’t want to look forward. We don’t want to be progressive and scientific. Something, the old one needs to be destroyed for the creation of something new and fruitful. But regretfully, this is not the case with India. It happens only in the USA, Canada and other developed countries.

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