1. Beauty of face and body is given as a genetic lottery. Nobody knows for sure to whose lap it would fall. If fallen, then accept it as a graceful gift of God instead of getting haughty. If not, then please don’t gripe and take its absence also as a gift of God.

2. Have we ever questioned the statements of accountants, doctors, scientist, professors, and other specialists and experts? No! Why? Because keeping in their earned degrees, specialization, and social repute we feel awe and are convinced that they have unchallenged authority on their subjects. But now with the explosion in human intelligence all around and with the invention of internet, such haughty specialists can be proven wrong of what they say. Since time immemorial they have fooled the masses with their exclusive control in their chosen fields. Now the time has come when these creamy people need to be taught a lesson and it can be only done when we start being curious and acquiring knowledge and also by remaining in our democratic and moral limits.

3. Man knows very well what is outrightly wrong and what is outrightly right but still decides willfully to delay such judgment in a given moment and this single delay gets stretching on till the rest of his life and when death comes he starts crying and admonish himself by saying ‘How foolish I remained throughout my life. I knew that I was at fault and still I remained adamant in not accepting my fault”. This is the biggest secret and mystery of human life.

4. In fairy tales the princesses kiss the frogs and the frogs become princes. In real life, as of today, the princesses kiss princes, and the princes turn into frogs, wicked and poisonous frogs, full of wickedness and no love at all.

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