Can prayers be sold? Can religion be sold? Can the message of God be sold? Yes, it can be! But the condition is that you must be living in India. In India, religion has become a thriving and flourishing business. It has been relegated to the ground of trade and commerce.

Prayers in the form of indecipherable and complex mantras are being sold in return of alluring money or some other valuables. Religion is no more spiritual and personal in nature rather its wicked preachers and cunning disciples have been taking a deep plunge into the abyss of money and worldly attractions. We can say that they have been swimming in the water of wealth and glitter. Earning money by this way or that way has become the only motive of our so called fraudulent religious babas and mahants.

Instead of rescuing the nation and its innocent and financially vulnerable people, these sly saints and priests have been defrauding and looting them shamelessly and wantonly since the dawn of human intelligence. The priest class has become so irreligious and vile that they don’t even feel afraid of God in whose name they are doing its highly profitable business of religion. No shame and no regret have left in their hearts as they know well that such things are roadblocks on their path to become wealthy and famous.

Following are the ways in which our corrupt religious leaders are cheating people in the name of God:
1. Donations in the form of hard cash, gold, silver, etc. at religious places

2. Money earned through the sale of religious literature, fixtures, meditation course, herbal medicines, amulets, bracelets, clothes and mats, idols, and other religious artifacts, etc.

3. Offering money to the priests who pray to God for us.

4. Paying in cash to the religious priests who sing and read religious scriptures in places of worship and even at our own houses.

5. Charging hefty amount of money as a ‘service charge’ by religious babas, gurus, saints, mahants and others to get our wishes fulfilled smoothly and in a fast manner.

6. Paying a lot of money to the priests coming to our houses during birth, marriage, death and other gloomy and festive events.

7. Offering money and other valuables like cars and jewelry to the heads of deras and religious institutions.

8. Collecting money for the construction of already mushroomed temples, gurudwaras, mausoleums and churches.

9. Taking money from political leaders as a surety amount by the heads of deras to get vote bank for them during elections.

10. Saving a great deal of money which comes through the above mentioned ways as such earned wealth in the name of religion is totally tax exempted in India.

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