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  • Why do we have rectangular/square houses not spherical one?
  • Does religion exist for people or people exist for religion?
  • Is religion an intellectual acceptance of certain ideas or confirmation to certain set of rules or something else?
  • Why is it so that people who really want to do something great and creative for the society face tribulations, difficulties and criticism and are found facing the hard facts of daily life?
  • Does destiny/fate/luck/stars decide our success or it is purely self-driven?
  • Why is it so that only few of us get the taste of splendid life -full of wealth and comforts- and not many?
  • Are beauty, wealth and fame meant for the selected few only?
  • Why do many of us get too little after putting extremely hard labor contrary to those light workers who get enormous in life?
  • What was the reason that the marriage which earlier used to be solemnized religiously in the presence of some religious element (book or fire) began to be solemnized lawfully? Didn’t our so called ‘staunch followers of blindly-understood religion’ see here the ‘implicit blow’ to religion? Why didn’t they raise their voice at that time? Can we say that law is becoming equal to religion? Which is superior –law or religion?
  • Isn’t it curiously interesting to know that ‘worry and tension’ (being truly psychological in nature) which are invisible in nature could restrict and hinder our physical health? Or reversing the statement, could it be said that ‘our physical body or material things present with us’ alter and influence our mental atmosphere –for good or bad- ?
  • Why some of us are not able to grasp immediately the deep concern and depth behind the advice of our parents, seniors, gurus, teachers and our holy scriptures?
  • Sometimes ‘whatever we feel right in a particular situation’ becomes ‘totally stupid’ in another scenario. Why?
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