The first guru of the Sikhs ‘Guru Nanak’ was a complete and perfect guru in himself. According to him being a Sikh one doesn’t fall into some sect, some creed or some social or communal mould or some ideological framework rather it means someone with a simmering curiosity and burning desire to learn about all the aspects of existence around us (including all living and non-living phenomenon). It is difficult to be a Sikh of Nanak – a Sikh as envisioned by Nanak. We cannot become a Sikh merely by keeping long hair and long beards. We cannot become a Sikh just by wearing turbans over our heads. Neither by keeping a ‘Kirpan’ we can become a Sikh and also neither by bowing our heads in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji we can become Sikhs.

It is really not an easy task to be a true Sikh as imagined by Nanak. It is easy to be a householder or to be a ‘sannyaasi’ (hermit/recluse) but to be a Sikh we have to be both. We have to remain both in our houses and in monasteries/gurudwaras at the same time. We have to both do business in shops and attend our household chores in an honest and loyal manner. We   have to sit both on our thrones and on the floors of monasteries with utmost sincerity, humility and dedication. While engaging with our daily lives, we have to maintain unceasing and uninterrupted remembrance of God in our hearts.

And we all know that no one from us have that sacrosanct and unblemished personality who can behave in an integrated manner all the time.

By Mrignain Kaur Mrignaina

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