Wherever we turn our eyes, the faces of Indian youth that we see look sullen, tortured, harassed, and like as if they have been coming from somebody’s funeral ceremony. What has happened so surprisingly to our youth that they no more feel alive and passionate towards their lives? Why have their faces lost the sheen, verve and the glow that they used to possess in their beginning and formative years of life – the years when they were quick to act on the spur of the moment and quick to enjoy little moments of life or the years when they were precisely known by their immense passion, appreciating readiness and genuine mirthfulness? What actually is ailing them? Does anybody have any answer to my burning questions?

Why is it so that our youth have begun to lose the charm and vibrancy of life? Why are they appearing like ‘living dead’- like zombies? Going deep into their psychological setup what shocking came to the fore is that slowly and slowly our youth have been smothering their genuine inner selves. They are no more in connection with their authentic selves. What they are now in their thoughts and imagination is not their true selves but the taken and the acquired negative feedback of others. They have been through such kind of lethal and intensive social infection (believing by default in the negative and damaging feedback of others) that they have started living their lives analyzing, measuring, judging, and thus eventually feeling frustrated and down.

Rather than being the driver of their own lives, they have become the miserable and pathetic passengers who are at the mercy of their driver – acidic beliefs, abrasive feedback and critical views of their social cohorts. What they have been doing is that instead of pleasing and satisfying their instinctual promptings (what they actually feel that they should have done), they have become ‘world pleasers! They have become ‘psychologically hijacked individuals’- those who don’t have their own ‘discretionary’ and ‘decisive’ powers.

Pleasing their own friends, parents, peers and other social denizens have remained the long-standing custom of our youth. Such custom has given nothing to them except for frustration, tension and intellectual weakness. And the result is that our youth have severed their ‘once-a-strong connection’ with their ‘original selves’. They have totally forgotten what type of strong, dynamic and vibrant personalities they used to be in their hey days. Now their power of minds has completely been hijacked by the people around them. And this is the reason that the Indian youth of today is no more the real and the authentic youth but the imitated and the copied feedback of others – and that damaging feedback has always mauled and thrashed them in one or the other way- without giving them anything worthwhile in life. Let us end this write up with great lines of wisdom by Smiley Blanton, MD:

“Behind you lie the confusions and inadequacies of that remarkably over-rated period of human existence known as youth. Youth has vitality, it’s true; youth has superabundance of ‘free energy’. But it has little ease. It lacks poise. It lacks experience. Above all, it has neither judgment nor wisdom, the two qualities that make life supremely worthwhile.”

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