Unlike other states of India, Jammu and Kashmir is that state which has always been willfully neglected by both the state and the centre. There is no denying the fact that such governments have given enough in the name of financial packages but they were just ‘lolly pops’ to appease and control the simmering anger of the masses. Such packages have always remained nominal in nature as most of the amount has been systematically misappropriated by the wicked and the sly political class of leaders and babus.

This state has always failed miserably to catch the appreciation of its people as far as its poor developmental and progressive works are concerned. Apart from its illusory scenic beauty and tantalizing mountains and rivers, and fresh cool water, it has nothing to offer to its ever whining locals. People are now fed up with its pathetically slow and miserably poor growth. The preceding governments at the helm have done nothing other than befooling its citizens on the name of progress and development. I don’t say that nothing is being done; instead I am saying whatever the state has done till now is not sufficient in a manner that it could lead to happiness and joys on the faces of its locals. Moreover, the rate at which the state is traversing its path of progress and development has always remained the ever-slowest– not that much praiseworthy and commendable as it should be. Such delaying tactics in managing the developmental affairs of the state not in a timely and efficient manner questions the political morality of its leaders.

The state government, present one as well as the old ones, has fallen so low in its political will and political integrity that instead of stemming out the ever entangling dispute of Kashmir, it has gained expertise in fishing in troubled waters. It has been exploiting its people, its resources, its disputatious history and its languages. The unemployed and wantonly uncared youth of the state on knowing that the state has done nothing for them and their families, become frustrated and depressed and thus become easy and soft targets for the anti-social and the anti-national forces to take advantage of. And when such depressed and confused youth hurl stones on police and army, they are branded as ‘terrorists’ by the same state- the state which could have prevented stone pelting by the youth if it had listened to their grievances in the past! If it had done something serious for their worsening financial conditions! If it had shown political maturity and political compassion for their genuine issues! If it had not shown closed doors to them when they came crying to them in their offices!

The police in the state have become just a ‘danda’ or baton in the hands of its leaders, babus and gundas. The police will listen only to those who have fatty amount in their pockets. The weak and the meek are just ‘non-entities’ to them. A common man in this state feels afraid of going to or filing an FIR in police stations as he knows that there will be only mental harassment and sheer neglect. It is a great irony that the police which was incorporated as saviors of the interests of its people has become its plunderers and exploiters. The trustee themselves have turned hostile.

The revenue department in the state was never as such corrupt and evil some as it is now. Listening and serving only to the mighty and the powerful is their only practical religion. Boot-licking and pandering to the unethical demands of the mighty and the powerful including anti-social elements of the state has become their only duty in their publicly entrusted offices. The concerns of the general and the common public carry no interest and meaning to them because they don’t have that much amount to warm their ever hungry pockets. Making intentional and calculated delays and telling lies while processing out the issues of the general public is the thing in which they have gained professional expertise.

The medical colleges and hospitals in the state are in shambles. The pregnant ladies at these hospitals are having their deliveries on their floors, people can be seen quarreling with doctors here and there, laboratories are facing acute shortages of updated medical equipment and the attendants of the patients are not being properly advised and informed about the real conditions of their patients. These government hospitals have been crying miserably for their infrastructural improvement and administrative maturity but nothing seems to come out of protests and dharnas as the leaders and the babus in the government are ever busy in collecting as much as they can.

I just remember an incidence that I want to share with you in this respect. Few months back I got an opportunity to travel to Chatisgarh (a new Indian state formed by separating it from Madhya Pradesh), I literally got shocked and pleased to see the amazing developmental works there- wide, big, neat and clean roads, super malls, sky touching luxurious apartments, state-of-the-art schools with advanced infrastructure, marvelous recreational facilities for all, and top-notch brands of hotels. And it made me think for a while that such a state (which to me was a tribal and backward state earlier) whose creation traced just to 16 years back could do wonders then why can’t Jammu and Kashmir. And it makes me wonder more to know that our state came into origin far earlier than the state of Chatisgarh then where our state is lacking. Who is to be blamed? Regardless of the financial grant that it often receives from both the state and the center, still its growth and development are under scanner. Why? Where is that huge amount of money going? In leaders’ pockets? In babus’ pockets? In police pockets? In goondas’ pockets? Where?
Following are the points which I think if paid sincere attention to can do wonders for our state:

1. Large scale promotion of Private Sector. Let big companies from other states invest in the state. It will thus create more job opportunities for the unemployed youth.

2. Infrastructural Development of government institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals, police stations, railway and bus stations, etc.

3. Advanced Healthcare with the latest and hi-tech medical equipment.

4. Creating Jobs Opportunities for the youth in the form of different projects.

5. Recreational Facilities for the youth, kids and the elderly.

6. Political Cohesion among state leaders. They should leave their individual issues and rather focus on the greater good.

7. Bureaucratic Transparency in various government institutions and especially the revenue department and the police stations.

8. Government sponsored career and psychological counseling centers for the youth.

9. Opening of public and mobile libraries for every towns and villages. Such libraries will consist of counseling centers for the youth. And also various co-curricular and educational activities can also be included as valuable parts of such libraries.

10. Overhaul in the commercial transport. As seen in Gujarat and Delhi where specialized buses are run on the road for the comfort and the convenience of commuters, our government can also take such initiative here. One time bus pass or something like it can also be introduced in this respect.

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