It is a matter of great pride and honor for the entire Sikhs of India that in the latest historic hearing at the Supreme Court of India where a historic and phenomenal judgment was passed making compulsory for a certain community to shave their beard if they are serving in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force but besides it also gave a rider that ‘only the Sikhs are permitted to keep their beard if they want to’. Such a verdict by the topmost court of India is in itself a proof that what kind of respect and honor the Sikhs get through their beard. It is only through the grand blessings of their tenth guru Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who ordered all the Sikhs to keep beard, that each and every Sikh is seen with awe and honor whenever they move out of their houses wearing complete Sikhi attire i.e A turban on heard, a handle-bar like moustache and a neatly-oiled flowing or tucked beard. Such a typical attire lends a young Sikh an aristocratic and regal look and thus making the bystanders and onlookers gasped with awe, admiration and respect.

The Defence Ministry’s policy on “hair, beard and wearing turbans”, as notified in 2003, states that while Sikhs are allowed to keep unshorn hair, beard and turban, the others have to obtain permission to grow a beard.” The court considered the case of the Sikh people who wear turbans and have beards and noted, “No material has been produced before this court to indicate that the appellant professes a religious belief that would bring him within the ambit of Regulation 425(b), which applies to personnel whose religion prohibits the cutting off of hair or shaving the face of its members.

All the Sikhs, living here and abroad should be immensely thankful and indebted to Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji for such respect and privilege that they enjoy today not only in India but through out the world where a Sikh lives. The Supreme Court judgment preventing some community from keeping beard is on one hand, a sad news but on the other hand it is also a matter of great pride and honor for the Sikhs to know that any Sikh soldier of any Indian Force can have full right to keep or not to keep their beards.

With this landmark and historic judgment, it once again become morally and religiously mandatory for each and every Sikh, young or old, to start giving respect to the grand old-age custom of keeping beard which was started first by their tenth and last guru. If keeping one’s twisted moustache and long flowing beard one becomes ‘ Sardaar Ji’ from ‘Sardar’, then instead of doing harm to one’s personality, it is enhancing one’s personality as well as character.

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