There was a man who had set out on a worldwide search for some rare talking bird who could speak five different languages. Having searched for a whole year, he stopped at one pet store and enquired about that rare bird. To his utter surprise and wonder, he found that bird there! Since he had to go somewhere urgent, he requested the owner of the pet to please send the bird to his house.

When he arrived home, he asked his wife if the bird had arrived, and she replied yes in answer. The husband then enquired where the bird was and he got the great shock of his life when his wife told him that she had put the bird in the oven. On not finding that bird alive any longer, the man admonished his wife like anything. He started berating her a lot while describing the speaking quality of that rarest of the rare bird.

On getting enough rebuke from his husband, the wife counter the situation by saying that if such bird could really speak five languages as told by him then why she didn’t speak out when I was going to cook her in the oven.
Friends, most of us are also like that unfortunate bird that could have saved herself very easily but she didn’t speak up at that critical time of her life. It also happens with us that we usually don’t speak up or get shy or feel afraid or embarrassed to open our mouth and tell the world around us what we have got to offer to them.

We often fail to advertise our exceptional qualities and rare talent when an opportunity or a chance comes to us.
So, my dear friends let the whole world know what kind of skills, capability, talent and hidden potential you possess as an individual and what kind of work you can do. Without your self-advertising nobody is going to pay any attention to you. Never let your talent go unnoticed and unrecognized. In Hindi they say na “Jo Dikhta Hai Wohi Bikta Hai.”


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