1. One of the hindrances to a creative living is fear, and respectability is the manifestation of that fear. The respectable, the morally bound, are not aware of the full and deep significance of life. They are enclosed between the walls of their own righteousness and cannot see beyond them. Their stained-glass morality, based in ideals and religious beliefs, has nothing to do with reality; and when they take shelter behind it, they are living in the world of their own illusions. In spite of their self-imposed and gratifying morality, the respectable are also in confusion, misery and conflict.

2. Our thoughts, our lives are narrow, arid, hollow, empty; emotionally we are starved, religiously and intellectually we are repetitive, dull; socially, politically and economically we are regimented, controlled. We are not happy people, we are not feeling inner ecstasy and mirthfulness; at home, in business, at church, at school, we never experience a creative state of being, there is no deep release in our daily thought and action. Caught and held from all sides, naturally sex becomes our only possible and simple outlet, an experience to be sought again and again because it momentarily offers that state of happiness which comes when there is absence of life. It is not sex that constitutes a problem, but the desire to recapture the continuous state of rapturous happiness, to gain and maintain pleasure, whether sexual or any other.

3. All of us want to escape from our defective un-understood self.

4. Fear is the result of our very desire to be secure. It makes us confirm, imitate and submit to domination, and therefore it prevents creative living.

5. Pleasure, violence and excitement are the running theme in our minds desires.

JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI, a great mystic of the gone period.

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