Murders all round the world is not a new phenomenon. Every place and every corner around the world is witness to one or the other kind of cruelest murder and heinous killing. Every family loses their closed ones in one or the other murderous way- sometimes publicly and sometimes secretly. Police action normally becomes shady and unethical during such crimes in the society. Those police men are really exceptional and praiseworthy who rise to their enshrined duties and investigate the matter seriously and dutifully. But most of the times, the accused and the confederates in such criminal matters are let scot-free- owing to one or the other legal and judicial loopholes.

Sheena Bora murder case has become recent delicious chocolate powder that is being lapped up by every known and unknown media house- ranging from the big guns to the small fries. But wait! What is happening to the elite media houses of my vibrant and free India now-a-days?

Is this the type of responsibility our media houses are shouldered with- to serve the real interest of the masses, of the country and of the common man? Where has gone their social loyalty and ethical business practices? Is the ‘Sheena murder case’ the only judicial case in the whole of India to be talked vociferously and vehemently- with renewed passion every passing day? Shit! All this is becoming crap day in and day out. God knows how many murders take place daily in India and woefully, our media houses have been ironically and embarrassingly stuck only to ‘Sheen Bora murder case’! Ridiculous and shocking! This has become the mockery of the sanctity of journalism- the only hope of justice to the ailing masses.

Why do the murder cases- other than ‘Sheena Bora one- get unreported and un-highlighted on the ear-splitting news channels all through India? Is it so because these murder cases not belong to any elite and creamy class of India? If the answer is positively as mentioned before, then it should be learnt that the blood of a common man as compared to that of his rich counterpart is no more valuable and talk able in the eyes of media.


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