I am not able to decide how to give words to my pent up and still snowballing petty annoyance with the corrupt and dishonest government officers of Jammu and Kashmir, especially those who are working in police and education department. Sometimes, it seems to me that such government officers (of the state in particular and the rest of India in general) are not officers but some self-proclaimed powerful deities who have full-fledged control over our lives – personal, professional, social and economical. Such mean and cheap type officers have nothing to do in their departments concerned except to – harass, manhandle, outmaneuver, sidetrack, inferiorize, deceive and belittle their juniors in one or the other way. Not only their juniors but everyone whoever appears some kind of hindrance or roadblock towards their own self-fulfillment or self-centredness.   

One thing I just forgot to include on the list of their highhandedness is ‘the art of squeezing money’ from every pocket that they think could quench their insatiable thirst for money.

Corruption, disloyalty, departmental machination, unethical behavior, office politics and naked and flagrant display of their superiority in the form of power has become the trendy custom of today’s government officers. What boorish, rustic, ignorant and uncivilized kind of these officers are that they don’t take out even a few seconds from their busy schedule to think whether such malpractices that they often indulge in do really suit their prestigious and respectable positions (which they may have gotten after putting their strenuous efforts)? What being an officer really means to them? Getting respect from their society or giving respect to society? Possessing power for themselves or for the safety and the protection of the weak? Having responsibility towards their own kith and kin or towards every stakeholder?

There is no denying the fact that there are some people who after having acquired the high and powerful positions in society do start behaving in an aberrant and exceptional manner as if they have become people of high castes and who thus feel below their dignity to mingle and interact with the people of low financial positions. What the hell is this? Anyhow, can anyone tell me – what is the logic behind such sudden change of behavior in people’s attitude when they become officers or people of some high social positions? You may or may not know the answer but what I know from my own short experience in life is that ‘acquiring power’ in one’s hands is the real test of one’s inner personality traits. Acquiring power or vast money or high positions in one’s life is the best yardstick to measure the depth of one’s character. Power can’t corrupt you unless you have some weakness in your own character that becomes an easy target for power to weaken and corrupt you.       

In recent times the exploitation and the highhandedness of corrupt and wicked officers have touched a new low and with this it becomes essentially urgent that something serious should be done at the earliest before any catastrophic happening in the form of ‘complete jungle raj’ strikes Jammu and Kashmir which has already been facing the lethal brunt of ‘political confusion’.

Following are some frequently carried out cheap and mean departmental practices that government officers everywhere do with full impunity:


Facilitating ‘deliberate or premature transfers’ in lieu of money.

Saying nothing to but giving free hands to one’s close relatives.

Harassing and treating employees in a roughly manner and that too without any reasonable grounds – just for the satisfaction of their own self and petty interests.

Behaving arrogantly, aggressively, brutally and conceitedly with one’s juniors so that they could get frightened and always remain in their fear.

Not appreciating but showing utter disregard to the performing members of the department – owing to some grudge or inferiority complex.

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