1. Division, Antagonism and Separateness are displacing Unity, Brotherhood, Fraternity and Compassion. Bloodshed, Violence and Destruction have become prominent in today’s society of competition and ruthlessness.

2. Instead of Love, today’s society believes in continual use of ruthless force and violence to get ahead in their life.

3. The great cause of strife and hatred is the wrong notion that a particular race or class is superior.

4. Feelings of Separation and Class/Race Consciousness have become the guiding star of our present day youth.

5. We each are Ambitious, Sensual, Violent, Competitive, Greedy, Envious and Power Seeking. But all these naked things are hidden under the labels of our chosen professions and positions in life.

6. Property and Ideas have become more important and valuable than humans.

7. Nationality and Sovereignty are the lethal tools used by the wicked politicians to mislead the people of a state for their personal and mean benefits.

8. We are ever ready to die for State, Ideas, Religion, Race, Class, Religion and Ethnicity but not for great humanitarian values.

9. Our lives are run according to self-created interpretations and not according to the truth-based factual interpretations.

10. Our most part of the thinking is in fact not thinking but regurgitating of the thoughts injected subconsciously into our minds by the society itself.

11. Being the victims of pre-conceived and long-standing beliefs and habits, we start thinking that we don’t have any control over our minds or that we can’t change the adamant thoughts pattern of our minds. But the fact is that we can have full control over our minds. We can exercise full dominion over them.

12. Learning means to go on acquiring clear perception about the self and the things related the self. Thereby releasing all pent up doubts, illusions, false beliefs, misconceptions, prejudices, biases, etc.

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