Religion doesn’t mean to get moulded sheepishly and ignorantly in a certain pattern based on unenlightened and reason-less thinking. It means to walk courageously on the path of humanism and the truth.

Being an intelligent creation of that Supreme power, it self-evidently becomes our birth right to question the things we see, hear and feel otherwise the very existence of our intellectual and highly-evolved out(refined) life is doubtful. Being endowed with the evolutionary(refinement) brain which sets us apart from other kingdoms of life it befits us to think, observe, feel and therefore exist consciously and enlightened rather than being dummy/puppet or a living dead creation. Animals are intuitive in nature as compared to humans, who are brainy in nature. So having a rational, logical, analytical and observatory approach towards life, is our unique human capability through which we are able to lead a dignified and respectable life on earth.

But, sadly, we are still playing the tune of our collective ignorance and baseless philosophical dichotomy which have hardwired into our brains. And that is the reason that the human race is under the perpetual threat of ideological hijacking. We have become passive intellectuals rather than active ones. Words, theories and different philosophies are regularly being poured into the container of our brains. Our thinking capacity is being suppressed and repressed and that too with our willful permission.

So consider the following points and let you decide on your own what religion truly means.

1. To know God is a sheer wastage of time, resources and valuable human energy which is limited in nature. To feel and act like that superior being (practicing eternal values of humanism, meting out your domestic responsibilities in a dignified and graceful manner and fulfilling your inherent responsibility towards environment and society) should be our true religion.

2. Instead of searching for God we should do our daily chores rightly and honestly and that too without interfering unreasonably into others’ affairs.

3. We can find out, know and understand only those things that are either below or equal to our accumulated knowledge or intelligence. Anything beyond it could not be reached and interpreted thoroughly and moreover it would be a fruitless task on our behalf.

4. Those who thump and boast about their knowledge and understanding of God are actually in some illusion/ psychedelic impression or some hallucination. As it is the quality of human mind to start believing and accepting whatever we feed into it regularly. Hypnotic can be assigned a term for such so called and faked babas/saints/disciples and other self-proclaimed religious gurus.

5. Rituals, customs, traditions, rites and other conventional religious and blind practices are absolutely not needed to know and follow Godly tenets as encapsulated by different religious and sacred books.

6. Being simple, truthful, transparent, morally strong, humanist, spontaneous and self-conscious is the real definition of religion. Apply them as the part and parcel of your daily life, you would find yourself immensely close to that Supreme power whom we call God, Waheguru, Allah, Ram, Ishwar, Bhagwan, Jesus etc.

7. Don’t waste your limited human energy and labor over the fruitless and interminable task of knowing and finding out God. How can a dot in a circle know the circle? Rather, put your human labor and intelligence to accomplish your each and every reasonable and virtuous human desire.

8. Be always grateful and thankful to God for whatever he gave you through your own efforts and intelligence.

9.Don’t labor hard and nurture a childish desire in your heart of hearts to see God in some human form. He is beyond human form, human intelligence, human knowledge, human desires and whatever human qualities we know till now. God is beyond our human reasoning and whatever we have known about him is limited to human interpretation and human reasoning only. To know God and how He manages the whole universe we have to stand in His shoes and it is impossible to become God so that we could know God. We can’t become God but we can only practice Godly virtues like honesty, humility, integrity, self-awareness, moral courage etc.

10. For a moment, think what would have been the scene if all of us had kept ourselves limited to different philanthropic and charitable activities instead of killing our time and money and energy on ungrounded/shallow/illogical and so-called blind and religious activities. Giving whatever you earned- knowledge, money, virtues- to the needy and the unenlightened ones is the real meaning of religion.

11. Don’t repose blind faith on wicked-cum-unholy con man type pakhandi (quack) ‘Babas’. They are also just like us and have mastered some taantrik vidya(uncanny/mystical knowledge) or some street-magician-like tricks and thus by displaying such scientifically explained tricks they lure and entice the common folk towards them. Moreover, to attract and link maximum followers towards their cult they manage a well-crafted system of mass propaganda based on false and unfounded folk lore, stories or anecdotes.

12. Babas would exploit you in every possible manner. They would fulfill their own human desires and other selfish motives through you.

13. Most of the part of our minds is encumbered and cluttered with socially-instilled religious fear arising out of disobedience to so-called rituals, customs and other blind practices.

14. Focus the energy and the intelligence of your mind unflinchingly on Godly virtues and not on God. You can come close to Godly virtues but not close to God. The realization about the knowledge of God would always elude you.

15. Real religion is to believe that God is always with us wherever we go and whatever we do. He is our ‘inbuilt or inherent moral sensor’. And if we act something wrong He would punish us fittingly- based on the precepts of ‘what we sow so shall we reap’ or ‘Those who dig grave for others must see their own graves as well’.

16. Don’t follow crowd on the path of religion. The crowd has no principles of its own. It suppresses and kills our thinking capacity. It destroys our own impeccable and immaculate individuality.

17. Nowadays religion has become a tool in the corrupt hands to have control, power, lust and massive wealth.Most of the pakhandi babas use religion just to manage a healthy vote bank so that they could catch huge financial benefit from the politicians contesting from their areas.

18. Would it be correct to say that adherence to any such religious philosophy rob us of our required personal attributes like hardwork, determination, self-confidence, which if had been utilized by us, would have raised the standard of our living our fulfilled our most cherished dreams.

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