Should we call it ‘the most unfortunate and the most embarrassing moment’ for the whole of India when the High Court of Panchkula, Haryana announced the much awaited verdict against God man Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim – the most controversial and the most lecherous religious personality India has ever seen? The Court held him accused in rape and sexual exploitation case.  

The argument behind my point of calling 25th of March as the ‘most unfortunate and the most embarrassing day’ for India lies in the inexcusable fact that being religious by our history, traditions and thus by our hearts and souls we have always been stabbed at the back. Yes, we have always been hurt grievously more by ‘religion’ itself than other things that we all Indians have in common. Another disturbing and unpalatable aspect behind my aforementioned argument is that it is we common people of India who out of our own intellectual and emotional weaknesses elevate such Frankenstein Monsters like faked and disreputable Babas and who in turn start exploiting and deceiving us and finally devour us completely without even a qualm of regret or guilt.     

Karl Marx had rightly observed that ‘Religion is the opium of the masses’. He must have realized with his own worst experience with ‘religion’ that religion can give only ‘opium like taste’ and nothing else. And when it comes to us Indians, religion not only plays the role of opium but also plays the role of ‘lethal and high-casualty causing weapon’ – especially in the hands of crooked and corrupt political leaders of India. And when one ingests opium like religion through their weak mentality then the consequences that befall over mankind will be enormous and most gruesome.

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s case is not a novel one to India. India has already had bitter experiences with such faked, cunning, wicked, con man-type and lusty babas but still ‘the tether’ of religion always halts the whiplash of our righteous and upright judiciary from touching the callous and hard skin of such wily, sly and crafty babas. It seems that we Indians have become masochist in our emotional attitude and that is the reason we don’t want to say a word of protest against such anti-intelligence, anti-humanity and anti-national babas but just want to lie still and derive masochistic pleasure of being intellectually suppressed, emotionally manipulated, domestically isolated, personally and socially exploited and financially fleeced and eventually making our babas’ lives Heaven and our own Hell. And through our hard earned money we let these corrupt Babas live in palatial houses, ride in posh cars, eat in luxury restaurants, get married with beautiful ladies, keep a harem of beautiful and covetous women, rub shoulders with people of power and prestige, keep a fleet of ships and luxury and vintage cars, wear top branded clothes, wield power over police machinery, have different business ventures and have tight control over our lives – personal, professional and social.  And in India such far-fetched and fancy dreams can only be realized under one sole condition – either be a God man or Bad man – and nothing else.

And having acquired such immense wealth in the form of financial and human asset – by their shrewdness and craftiness – these babas then start influencing the state machinery by establishing ‘Parallel States’ of their own! Yes, after all what these babas want? These power hungry babas want their own states – the states where they can reign and rule over their subjects (over their minds, bodies and money) in a free and unrestricted manner and that too without any fear of constitutionally erected and democratically supported government.

By the benefit of hindsight number of instances from the gone past can be cited where such babas had made strenuous efforts to establish their own ‘Parallel States’. ‘Religion’ is the only flute that these scandalous, disgraceful, disreputable and megalomaniac babas have in their masterly hands through which they can croon sweet and honeyed tunes of ‘mysticism’ and ‘spiritualism’ into the ever-ready gullible ears of religiously and intellectually blind people of world and especially our unlucky India.

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