Friends, you may still remember that when we were little children, our parents often used to guide and instruct us that we should keep good company and not bad company. Whenever we came home with some bad friends, our parents would later on warn us that we should keep such evil friends at an arm’s length otherwise we would have to suffer a lot in some future time (parents have so much vast experience that they can immediately know what kind of friends we are keeping). Parents always think about the care and security of their children, they never misguide them. It is only our shallow understanding and immaturity that we frequently fail to understand them in true color. ‘Never do the company of bad or evil people, they will ruin and spoil you’ – these were the words that our parents would often hammer into our ears and we were so ignorant and raw in our understanding ‘the wicked  trap’ of the world that we didn’t pay any heed to their valuable words and had to suffer one or the other consequences of keeping association of unrighteous and evil people. Somebody has rightly quoted that we are known less by the company we keep but more by the company we avoid.

So friends, keeping in view the most essential and highly valuable advice of our parents during our childhood, here I am presenting you some selected verses from the holy ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’ which throw light on the importance of doing ‘Saadhsang’ or ‘Holy association’ or ‘Spiritual association’.   I hope you will immensely appreciate them and also share among your friends so that they could also become great men.


  1. Saadh Kai Sang Nahi Kasch Ghaal.

Eng. Trans: By immersing yourself in the company of holy, clean or true people you will not get sufferings or difficulties in life.


2. Saadh Kai Sang Kalukhat Harai.

Eng. Trans: In the company of good people all your blemishes, faults, and flaws are removed. You will become clean and pure.


3. Saadh Kai Sang Eeha Ooha Suhela.

Eng. Trans: By enjoying the company of virtuous and great people, you will be ever blissful here and there i.e wherever you are.


4. Saadh Kai Sang Mitay Sab Rog.

Eng. Trans: By doing spiritual or virtuous companionship, you will be relieved and freed of all your diseases – whatever and what types they are.  


5. Man Saacha Mukh Saacha Soy.

Eng. Trans: Only those people can speak truth from their mouths whose hearts are full of truthfulness within. As in their hearts so in their mouths.


6. Avar Na Pekhai Ekas Bin Koy.

Eng. Trans: The true men see the presence of only One Universal God.


7. Saadh Kai Sang Mukh Oojal Hot.

Eng. Trans: In the presence of good and virtuous people your face becomes radiant with the ever-shining sheen of goodness as if some hallow like circle (often seen behind the faces of holy people in their images) has formed around your face.


8. Saadhsang dusman sab meet.

Eng. Trans: The company of righteous people transforms your enemies into your close friends.


9. Saadh Kai Sang Mitai Abhimaan.

Eng. Trans: By immersing yourself in the association of honorable and honest people your ego will get killed and exterminated at all. You will become humble and modest. Your ego will no more harass you as it used to in the past.


10. Saadh Kai Sang Pragatai Sugyaan.

Eng. Trans: In the company of good and righteous people, you will get to know about spiritual wisdom. Righteous people will help you receive the grand knowledge of spiritualism.


11. Saadh Kai Sang Sada Parfullai.

Eng. Trans: By doing holy association of people, you will be ever-flourishing and ever progressive.


12. Saadh kay sang aavaih bas pancha.

Eng. Trans: It is in the company of holy people that all your five enemies or five human weaknesses (lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego) come into your full control. They will no more inflict serious harm on you.


13. Saadh kay sang agochar milai.

Eng. Trans: You will come to know about ‘the incomprehensible’ i.e God in the association of good and honest people.


14. Saadh kay sang manohar bain

Your speech will become sweet and honeyed in the company of virtuous and righteous people.


15. Saadh kai sang na kathun Dhaavai.

Eng. Trans: Your mind will never vacillate or wander in the company of honorable and holy people.


16. Saadhsang asthit man paavai.

Eng. Trans: Your mind becomes stable and resolute in the company of good people.


17. Saadhsang Nanak Prabh Saprasan.

Eng. Trans: O Nanak, by remaining in the company of holy people even God gets pleased with us. And the possibility is that God may shower His blessings over us.



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