We are starting a new series on ‘Self-Affirmation’ or positive self-talk. As it is already known to all of us that, no matter, where we are standing and with whom we are chatting; still a kind of nagging or self-eating voice of our mind irritates and corrodes our strongly-built self-image.
The voice, usually, belittles and degrades us by saying one or the other kind of self-deprecating sentences like ‘You are inferior’; ‘You have got no respect here’; ‘You are timid, coward and shy’; ‘You have no confidence at all’; ‘Your friends are more smarter and intelligent than you’; ‘You can’t do it’; ‘You can’t speak like him’ ;etc. Such self-defeating sentences, if let permitted to go on unchecked, the day is not far when your whole self-image would get shattered and falls to the ground of negativity and failure.
So to minimize and fully control the ill-effect of that negative voice of your inner self we are presenting at your disposal a large collection of self-boosting or self-affirmative sentences, which if repeated regularly (preferably loudly) would definitely enhance your self-worth.

To Unlock the potential of your whole brain

1. My whole body, brain and mind are developing and growing in their size day by day.

2. My mind is always co-operating with me to solve the questions of life and to think effectively and properly.

3. I am developing a wonderful rapport with all the people around me.

4. The foresightedness and clarity of my mental thinking is gaining day by day.

5. My internal great self is gaining strength every time.

6. My whole functioning of brain is getting enhanced and effective day by day. Its thinking and perceptive qualities are getting refined day by day.

7. Slowly and slowly my whole brain is opening to its effective and efficient functioning. Its all intellectual faculties (of logic, rationality, reasoning and analysis) are gaining strength and energy.

8. The analytical, rational, reasoning, logical and linguistic faculties of my left brain are getting sharper day by day.

9. The creative, constructive, productive, intuitive, imaginative and visual faculties of my right brain are getting fully operative.

10. My whole brain (Right and Left parts) is becoming energetic, enlivened and open-minded.

11. My whole personality is getting open-minded and open-hearted.
12. The neurons of my brain that keep me happy, energetic, active, ebullient, cheerful and optimistic are gaining strength day by day.

13. The perceptive and the thinking horizon of my brain are getting wider in their magnitude.

14. With my strong belief in the efficient functioning of my mind, my brain is getting sharper and powerful.

15. My brain is working faster than sound and light. It thinks and perceives in seconds.

16. The presenceness, alertness and awareness of my whole brain are getting refined and improved day by day.

17. Every solution and answer to any thing is coming easily to my brain. It is getting linked to Nature and is working in harmony with it.

18. The powers and the energies of my whole brain are getting stronger day by day. They are making me courageous, bold and brave.

19. My brain has got so much power that any type of work seems possible and feasible against it. It can perform any task with great ease.
20. The energies (one in the form of brain) of Nature are always at my disposal. They are always helping me in one or the other way.

To improve your communication skill

1. My communication skill is improving. I can, from a small child to big man, can talk politely, confidently and persuasively.

2. A great magnetic power has been developing up in my voice that it can attract each and everyone towards it and simultaneously they are getting impressed and influenced by me.

3. I can converse politely and modestly with everyone whom I met on the street.

4. I can express my views and opinions with required calmness, moral strength and unfaltering determination.

5. With my graceful and charming communication skill, I can easily influence and cast an indelible impression on the people coming around me.

6. With the ever-falling blessings of Almighty God and my power of soul and heart, I can freely converse with others.

7. My opinions have been appearing convincing and emotionally appealing to my friends, acquaintances and all my kith and kins.

8. With my refined and improving conversational skills, I am getting assertive, bold and confident with the each pass of a day.

9. I am winning over everyone’s hearts with my soft speaking and sweet words that flow smoothly through my tongue.

(by Narinder Singh, J&K Bank)
(by Narinder Singh, J&K Bank)
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