The word police means a set of uniformed persons chosen by the state to maintain law and order in the state and for the state. State doesn’t mean a specific group of people enjoying certain powers and authority; it also means a collection of common people in the form of citizens who have some predefined rights and duties as duly assigned to them by the Constitution of India.

So police are not meant only to preserve the sanctity of law and order for the state, but rather their duty is also to work for the safety of common citizens and also for the protection of their civil rights and civil honor. From the quite few years, the role and image of police have come under scanner and their reputation has taken a worst downward spiral.

Policemen are corrupt, biased, wicked, ruthless, cheap, inhuman, arrogant, and immoral, these are the words through which we describe the qualities of police. Is this the way we should know our police? Is this the way our policemen should be known to us? Is this the way our policemen want themselves to be known for future as well? But the stark reality is that police in any country have become a ‘lathi’ or a baton to scare anyone who raises their voices of protest against its rulers. And to our utter surprise and astonishment, this ‘lathi’ like police is mostly and gruesomely used against those common citizens who don’t get suppressed easily while being committed passionately to principles of truth and honesty.

What pity irony is to say that instead of becoming an impenetrable shield for truthful, honest and intellectual citizens, police have now adorned the role of foot-licking watchdog for the corrupt political machinery in the world and in India their image is much despicable and reprehensible. It seems that police exist only for those who have might and power and thus regretfully, not for those who couldn’t put up good fight. What has become to our police system? Why has it gone so down- morally, socially and professionally? Has some shame left in them? Are they awake and sensible about their duty towards the masses or have they become remote-operated devices in the wicked hands of the people with strength- politicians, officers, businessmen, rich people and criminals.

Of what utility or purpose should we consider them in the ever praised democratic set up like India where ‘Jiski laathi usi ki bhains’ (He who has baton has buffalo) idiom is much prevalent.

Of what importance and value should we consider police when it is overtly and covertly accepted that they are bribed or ‘bik chuki hai’? What kind of biggest democratic set up is India where honest are afraid and corrupt are brave? Where bribery is given more prominence than moral uprightness? Why does an innocent man feel afraid and mentally crippled whenever he has to go to police chowki or police station? Why such morbid fear? Why? Could anyone give even a single reason? Just one?


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