“It is a common practice among all the Sikhs to remember that atrocious act of Indian government, which took place on 4th June 1984. And thus, they have been offering tributes to those saintly warriors (who gave up their precious lives in honor of the tenets of the Sikhism) from a quite past in the form of a big religious function (held annually in Jammu). The Sikh had been heartily attached to their holy temple i.e the Golden Temple- damaged and desecrated severely by the Indian army. And the resultant damage left an un-forgettable mark of memories in their minds.
But, nobody knows what happened this time in Jammu that poked the J&K Police to take such a nefarious and un-parliamentary action. An innocent young boy got killed brutally by shooting straight into his head. It seems like there is no more democracy in thoughts, voice and the Fundamental Rights as assigned by our very Constitution. Moreover, the clash that took place clearly and flagrantly revealed a sense of dictatorship running deep in the minds of the authority.”

By Jasmeet Kaur
M.D (Oxford of IELTS), a reputed institute for English Speaking
Institute location: Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

(lifepotter.com heartily thanks Ms Jasmeet Kaur for penning down her valuable feelings regarding the clash that took place on 4th of June 2015. We hope that in future too she will bless lifepotter.com with her intellectual support)

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