We Indians are ready to spend some extra money on our clothes, shoes and the gadgets that we possess. And what is more, all these things should be the latest and the trendiest one. We don’t want to be labeled as ‘backward’. We hate to wear old and out-of-date clothes and shoes. We always want to keep ourselves updated with the demand of the time we live in. But have we ever got such extra conscious about our health too? Have we ever thought about what goes into out mouth and what kind of nourishment we give to our bodies? If we are not ready to compromise with our selection of our wardrobe which I think is not that much important as compared to the burning issue of our falling health and the piling up our medical bills.

Branded shoes, trendy clothes and designer bags have become our craze but what about the food that we eat? What about the water that we drink? What about the air that we breathe? We can manage with cheap-cum-good looking clothes, shoes and bags but we can’t manage with cheap and low-graded vegetables, fruits and other essential food items that are usually grown and sold in unhygienic places. Buying shoes that are sold in air conditioned showrooms are acceptable to us but growing and selling vegetables and other food items in hygienic, well-maintained and seemingly good places is not at all acceptable to us. Branded shoes are most important to us Indians than ingesting branded and high-quality vegetables and food into our bodies. Health is above all other available things we possess in our lives. It is only with vibrant and booming health that we enjoy other pleasures and comforts of life. Someone has rightly quoted that if health is gone everything is gone.

What has happened to our mentality? Are we sane or insane? Are we really serious about the falling level of Indians’ health? What kind of rubbish and stinking mentality is this which cares more about one’s social and economic status in life which I think is totally phony and ostentatious in form and less about one’s health which needs our quick and sincere attention.







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