The best frienships are built up, like a fine glossy finish, with the piling layers of many deeds of sentimental gestures or kindness. The miniscule act of kindness or love has great power because it demonstrates that you have not taken your beloved for granted. You took the time to think what might bring a moment of happiness. Our small but sincere expressions of affection can create an outstanding indelible impression on our friends, parents and beloved.
Many rituals and daily small acts like:

Sending notes of Appreciation,
Sending well-soon notes,
Sending birthday/Anniversary/ cards,
Few lines of ‘best of luck’ on internet or over phones,
Having weekly get together, lunch, an evening walk,
Sending some articles of interest etc, huggings, joking etc.

The above acts if practiced with sincere approach can put your love towards that particular person in the bank and would start gaining perennial interest for you in the future.

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