1. Our body is a miniature model of the vast existence.
  2. Surgery was developed in the West because of its tradition of not burning corpses. The dead there are buried in earth so it gave the West an ample opportunity to study human anatomy by experimenting with corpses lying in graves. But still Indians have vast and profound knack of Surgery and Yoga due to ‘Dhyaan’ and ‘Silence Communication’ with human body or due their ‘power of mysticism’.
  3. Every thought in your Mind tries to establish some kind of connection with other thoughts in Mind. So, rather than being a doer, try being a witness to such process when your Mind starts making connections with other simmering thoughts in your Mind. And then try to see how and in what manner thoughts develop their connections with each other and how ‘different ideas’ start taking place in your ‘mind’.
  4. Sin is the seed of sufferings. All sins arise because of our identifications with thoughts coming to and going out of our Mind. Thoughts get hold of us and bring nothing but sufferings and sorrows. Suffering is the fruit of sin like seed.
  5. Nature is not interested in morals and immorals, right and wrong, deed and misdeed, and justice and injustice. Nature is interested only in forcing everything to express action according to its nature. Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point through which Nature forces all individuals to establish their own environment. It permits no one to escape the influence of its environment. So always try to establish a positive spiritual, mental and physical environment. And so the resultant environment will then create your thoughts. And those thoughts will then determine whether you are on the path of success or failure, happiness or sorrows, and bliss or curse.
  6. Try to listen to the silence of Solitude. Try to get immersed or get fully absorbed in the resonance of existence. Be the Observer or the Witness to those sounds, things, and subtleties of nature that you often fail to pay heed to out of your own intellectual stiffness. It is through Silence we came and it is also to silence we will depart in the end.
  7. Break your Constant Internal Dialogue that is making you go down and down and is also preying hard on your happiness and satisfaction in life.
  8. Don’t drink the water of dirty gutters if you have the potential to drink the water of lake Mansarowar.
  9. We listen only to strengthen and solidify our own pre-performed perceptions in life. We listen only to make strong our own preset opinions and viewpoints. Hindus listen with Hindu minds. Muslims listen with Muslim minds. Sikhs listen with Sikh minds. Nobody is ready to listen with the ears of Truth and Reason. We hear what is consistent with our own thoughts and not what is in sync with the Truth and Reason.
  10. While on our path to truth, we develop a kind of Intellectual Stiffness and start thinking that ours path is the right and the only path towards the truth. And with a passage of time it so happens that we get so defensive about our ideologies that we start feeling blindly attached to our thoughts and feel as if our path needs no further correction. And that Intellectual Stiffness then becomes our Intellectual Stupidity. 
  11. Our Human Heart has been suppressed and killed by our wicked society. Today’s human has got two faces – one is private and the other is public.


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