“Are you a porn star?” This and many other boorish, uncultured and insolent comments similar to it were made over the Twitter handle of Mithali Raj, India’s women cricket team captain. As a matter of fact, these comments were not made by netizens (net+citizens) of India after ‘getting them filtered through one’s rational and intellectual brain’ but these were just came out as a reflex action of ‘netizens’ original mentality and character’ which clearly reveal what mean, contemptible, cheap and two-faced life such netizens or denizens of India are living.

By disrespecting and belittling the woman of national substance for her picture wearing a spaghetti top (which shows her cleavage) is not a good sign that we Indians have grown up in our thinking. It is also not a good indication confirming that we Indians have gone beyond girls’ dresses but rather it shows that are eyes are still stuck on girls’ dresses, their frocks, their tops, their jeans, and their bodies and nothing else. And it is also not a good signal to prove that we Indians have become socially, morally and intellectually mature to see what is really good or what is really bad or what is really moral what is really immoral in front of us. For us girls and especially celebrities (whom we idolize) being nude or wearing revealing dresses is not acceptable from any angle but raping minor girls, manhandling one’s wives in a brute manner, killing or setting married woman on fire for not bringing dowry, abandoning one’s mothers in their old age, groping and ogling girls in buses and other commercial transport, doing a despicable act of incest with one’s daughters, and denying woman of their rights are totally acceptable! What a double and imposturous lives we are living!

Did Mithali do any serious crime by wearing her own chosen dress – which is her fundamental or natural right? Can’t our Indian girls have any right to choose what they like to wear or what they don’t like to wear? Isn’t there any logic in this? If Indian males can, why can’t they? Did Mithali become a porn star just by revealing her minor cleavage (and what about Baba Ram Rahim and Asaram type thugs who in front of public wear fully covered saint like clothes and in private exploit and outrage modesty of Indian girls)? Are celebrities like Mithali and Priyanka Chopra not humans like us?  If we can enjoy our lives as deem fit by us, can’t they?

Who gave us the right to become moral policemen of our country? Are we really suited to be the moral policemen or moral policewomen of our country? Do we really know the meaning of being moral? Does wearing body-revealing clothes make one moral? Did wearing fully covered clothes make wicked baba Ram Rahim and his ilk moral and ethical in their character? Is morality connected to one’s dress code or one’s thinking code? Is morality connected to one’s choice of dresses or one’s choice of thoughts?  Is morality linked to one’s grand vision in one’s life or the narrow and rotten vision of people that they have of our bodies – whether covered or not, whether sexy or not?    

By comparing Mithali with a porn star – as someone has commented over her twitter picture – that fellow clearly evidenced his rotten and putrid mentality while revealing his expertise in finding out ‘porn stars’ among a crowd of girls. That is to say that his profession is nothing but only seeing porn and only porn in everything or in anybody around him. No doubt, he might have wanted to say that he didn’t like the dress worn by a celebrity like Mithali, but his choice of words were something highly despicable and reprehensible.

The picture posted over her twitter handle by Mithali Raj might not have revealed or exposed her body, but the low grade and intellectually unripe comments posted over her twitter handle certainly revealed and exposed the corrupt and scandalous character of her fans – of intellectually and socially mature India.

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