parent 4

Parents are like that unacknowledged wealth, the value of which we come to know when it is no more with us and would never come again in our life how much we cry and weep.

Parents are our earthly angels sent by God to look after us in His absence. They know intuitively very well what is good or bad for us. They guide, motivate and take sincere care of us at each and every innocent step of our life and that too without selfishly caring much about them.
But it is we who on one or the other pretext get peeved and irritated and become selfish; become stubborn and insensitive to their well-wishing nature.
Parents are like that tree which stands untiringly and modestly in the scorching and pricking heat of the world and provide us with godly coolness and shade so that we could not feel even a little bit of heat or worldly prick. We should not be disobedient and neglectful to them and must pay heed to their little-cum- heartily advices.
They don’t say anything illogically and also without any reason; whatever they teach and instruct is laden with some deep meaning with far-reaching consequences. And the irony of the situation is that all these we come to realize only when we find ourselves mired in some or other hard-hit tragedy of life.
When, owing to our stubborn and uncaring attitude to our parents, we are not able to rise and succeed according to their set expectations from us and start wallowing in the mud of difficulties, despair and other tribulations, then it dawns on us that we have blundered our entire life and start repenting our immature and childish mistakes.
This heart-rending situation of ours makes them internally shattered and deeply hurt. Their hearts get cleaved and ripped off oozing out the blood of all their efforts and hopes. They feel socially secluded and spiritually deadened.
So, my dear friends, it is my core-heartedly request to all of you to not take your parents very lightly and for granted- ask those who didn’t have them. Our parents must be our top-most priority and our much-cherished wealth and we must preserve that wealth with the last drop of our blood as our physical existence owes a lot to them.

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