Love and admire the way you are or you have been made by God. Love and adore the way you work as the way you work is the only technique and mantra through which you can be successful in your life. But the only condition here is that your ‘way’ and ‘technique’ should not be underestimated and downgraded by yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you have been appreciated by the people around you or not but what really matters is that the day is not far when your hard work and focus in life will give dividends to you. Seeing others getting successful don’t get tensed and insecured with   what you have been doing for years rather wait for the exact moment when your success will need no explanation and when your success will speak itself.

Copying what others are doing will not give you anything. Do away with that ‘follow the topper/leader’ theme, instead carve out your own destiny so that others start copying your style. Don’t have any mentors in life, just set some great example in life and you will become mentors to others. Sometimes, no doubt, we may be wrong in some way or the other but that doesn’t matter as such minor things can be amended with experience. But it really becomes disgusting and self-defeating when you start imitating others’ style and technique. Everyone has a different style of working, a unique way to observe and interpret things, a different attitude towards the circumstances you get and also a unique way to do things as seem comfortable and appropriate to you. You are meant for something else or something great in life which may not be visible to you now but it is only known to God and God is doing everything possible for you. You just need those eyes that can look within to identify what it is. The sooner you start doing things according to your own abilities the quicker you find yourself moving steadily towards your dream in life. As all of us are different as humans, so do our ways to handle things in life.

Chuck the assumption into the bin that by doing all that successful and high-performers do, you too will become a success. This is a great myth. This myth has befooled many like you. Beware of this myth which is just a myth and nothing else.

Just do nothing except to look inside and see how you can manage the things of your life in a fit manner. Do not imitate others’ style which often deludes and prods you to do something outlandish and preposterous and which ultimately takes you out of your comfort level or mental stability. Do whatever your instincts tell you to do. See what are your strengths and weaknesses and according to that self-analysis work out the plan for your future. After planning apply the required amount of hard work, concentration, focus and dedication and see whether you achieve your dreams in life or not. Don’t follow and copy others. Be your own guide and instructor. Copying others would not give you anything other than depression and frustration in life. Be your own light. Don’t copy others.

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