Life-changing Lines



I don’t believe it is my destiny but my duty to help people where I can offer help. I believe that as a human being there are certain things that you must do in order to improve the living conditions of human society. The greatest challenge facing us is that of poverty. If you can contribute toward driving the factors of poverty backward, then you have served society. Because there is nothing more humiliating than poverty: it is an assault on human dignity. Our duty therefore is to make sure that people crawl out of poverty, so they can look after their children and their families and the community.
Nelson Mandela

You cannot base your capacity for love entirely on a single loving relationship, because if one element of that relationship disappears you are completely destabilized and at a loss. So think a wise rule of life is to try to become your own solid self, from which you can then give out love and really give it. Then you don’t need to depend on an exchange of love. The other thing I have learned is the precariousness of everything and the shortness of time. Time is very, very short to do things; to enjoy people, to enjoy the ones you love, to find your path, your colors. You never, never know if what is here today will be here tomorrow or what state it will be tomorrow and that goes for all your life.
Albina Du Boisrouvray

Life has taught me that there is no salvation other than love. I was jailed twice under the Brazilian military dictatorship, four years the second time. I never hated my tortures or jailers. There is no merit in this. I just realized that hatred first destroys those who hate, not those who are hated. Life is a very beautiful adventure, full of love. It is a pity that so many people around us are excluded from it. Until there is justice, freedom and peace for the whole of mankind, I will not be fully happy.

Frei Betto

My advice would be to take yourself seriously and to remember that your potential is much greater than you think. Try always to mobilize from within yourself talents that are suppressed or hidden, and bring them to use. But be careful that your ego doesn’t become greater than yourself. Build on your potential and not on your ego.
Shimon Peres

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