The Hon’ble Prime Minsiter of India,

        South Block, Raisina Hill,


        New Delhi.


Subject: Letter to seek mercy for financial assistance for cancer patient on humanitarian grounds.

Reverend Sir,

                            Paying due regards to your esteemed authority I intend to say that:

  1. My name is Gurbachan Lal r/o Dhinday Kalan, Tehsil – R.S Pura, District – Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir.
  2. I belong to a very poor family background.
  3. I don’t have any stable and sufficient source of income. Sometimes I work as a manual laborer and sometimes I peddle things of daily utilities.
  4. Recently, my son Ravi Kumar, 22 year old, has been diagnosed with a cancer in oral cavity which if not treated in its earlier stage could lead to critical stage and may prove life-threatening to my son.
  5. It was already difficult for a person of weak-financial standing like me to provide for the subsistence of my family that when it was discovered that my son has caught such life-taking disease my entire family has come to extreme shock.
  6. Being shouldered with the elephantine task of providing the best medical treatment to my child along with the task of managing bread and butter for my family, it seems much more difficult for me to manage this critical situation that has befallen on me.
  7. So, it is my humble request to you that let my beloved son be treated on time (with effective medical care and facility) and this could be only possible if your honor extend some financial grant on humanitarian grounds.
  8. I’ll be immensely grateful to you for your kind consideration in this regard.


 Yours sincerely,

 Gurbachan Lal,

 R/o Dhinday Kalan,

 Tehsil: R.S Pura

 District: Jammu

 Jammu and Kashmir ,

 J&K Grameen Bank

 Simbal Morh, Jammu

 Gurbachan Lal

 Bank Account No. 3023040100005361

Contact No: 9906396377

 Disease Name – Oral Cavity: Carcinoma Squamous Cell moderately differentiated

 P.S: All the relevant testimonials have been enclosed with this letter of mercy 

On Behalf Of Lifepotter.Com We Request Our Esteemed Readers that anybody who still believes in providing healing touch to the suffering humanity and really wants to do something great in life can come forward and offer his selfless service by approaching this destiny-struck man. We also request each and everyone to come forward and offer your unrestrained financial aid for this unfortunate man and his humble family. His family would be really grateful and bless you always if their only earning member, who is a husband and father to them, gets new lease of life with whatever assistance you provide to him.

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