Famous and noted Indian lawyer and politician Ram Jethmalani has again stirred up hornet’s nest by publishing a letter of admonishment, confession and reproach.  In his 9-page letter which he published over his personal blog and written to the Prime Minister of India, he seriously lambastes and criticizes the PM for backing out on his grand promise which he sincerely and publicly made with the Indian nation before sitting at the biggest throne of India.

After reading the content of his letter – utterly grave and emotionally laden in tone –   two things became clearly highlighted that he is not really happy with the Prime Minister of India. His letter wafts out the feeling that the sincerity, the dedication, the hope and the grand promise of getting back the black money to India that the Modi exhibited in a much-hyped and dramatic manner before the last general elections of 2014 are altogether missing in him.

Moreover, Prime Minister’s handling of the affairs of India has also grievously hurt his sentiments and has also shattered the grand image of the PM that he used to treat with much reverence on his mental screen. The letter seems to be written by him just as a sort of scorching and grim reminder to the Prime Minister so that he could recall easily what he fancifully promised the Indian nation (especially the poor and the less privileged) from the ivory towers and what he actually has delivered in reality.

Ram Jethmalani didn’t mince words while penning down his letter and upfrontly said that his conduct has gone rather gross misconduct. The letter is also partially meant for Amit Shah, the acting President of the Bhartiya Janta Party. Besides castigating and condemning Modi,  Ram Jethmalani even didn’t leave the party president and  has also told him in an implicit manner that like Narendra Modi, he is also not true to his word and he didn’t leave any stone turned in exploiting and betraying him.  Overall, it can be said that the letter was written with a sole intention of pouring out one’s true feelings that each and every human feels – sooner or later in life – on realizing that the person blindly trusted by or close to them has betrayed and stabbed them in the back.

Let us know just the main points towards which Ram Jethmalani wanted to catch the kind and urgent attention of the Prime Minister of India and his party. We have simplified the content of the letter for the convenience of our leaders. Some points have been left out just for the brevity of the post.

  1. He starts his letter by writing that he became the Prime Minister by promising to bring back 90 lakh crores of black money. By promising each and every poor Indian family that their accounts will be stuffed with 15 lakh rupees (on receiving all black money from abroad).
  2. He then reminds him that he (Modi) even didn’t expose the fact to the whole nation that the United Nations had produced ‘the United Nations Convention Against Corruption’ in 2004 to deal with black money. And this Convention was produced in the full knowledge of the Congress government that also signed the Convention but deliberately stepped back from its practical implementation.
  3. Recalling the past, Ram Jethmalani further writes that like Germany which paid a bribe of $ 475 million to obtain a list of 1900 names (which also include some Indian criminals) of concealed accounts in 2008, Narendra Modi’d party in opposition at that time along with the Congress party had a wonderful chance to get to know about all those Indian names and that too without any cost or condition but shamefully he (the PM) didn’t. Neither the Congress in power at that time nor Narendra Modi’s party in opposition could muster courage and grasp that great opportunity. So, it was he (Jethmalani) who had approached the Supreme Court of India but his work was not paid even an iota of heed by BJP leaders. It was BJP’s misconduct and also a ghastly betrayal of the unfortunate Indian nation.
  4. Pointing towards some report, he writes that some report published few years back by the PM’s party task force urging the BJP to immediately approach the German government was also not paid any heed to.
  5. Narendra Modi even didn’t tell the nation that the President of the ruling Congress party had entered into a secret Protocol with the Swiss Finance Minister. That Protocol contained two suicidal terms. First was that India will seek no information about the past but only the future and the second was that India will not use the United Nations Convention of 2004 but only the Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty, DTAT).
  6. He then emphasizes the fact that if he hadn’t told Narendra Modi, he would never have been able to become aware of the fact that how the USA and many European governments had obtained this information and became rich exponentially. But still Modi and his party didn’t do anything in this respect.
  7. He further reveals that how he had repeatedly explained to the Prime Minister that the fraud that DTAT was not an international document but a document under Sec. 90 of the Indian Income Tax Act. It didn’t apply to criminals who have laundered black money but only to honest tax payers who have to pay income tax on the same income in more than one country i.e. the country of their citizenship and the country in which the money is earned.
  8. Ram Jethmalani asks the PM why even after he had become Prime Minister he hadn’t requested the German Government to do for us what they had done for other financially strong countries. He then lambasts the Prime Minister by saying that he has become a silent accomplice in cheating the nation.
  9. In the letter, he has also criticized Finance Minister by telling that when it was asked in Rajya Sabha as what the Finance Minister was doing to recover the Black Money in Foreign Banks, the minister answered that he was going to enter into ‘Amended Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties’ with many countries. The minister fully went along with the Congress Party’s decision and betrayed the Indian nation.
  10. He also says that on finding that nothing substantial was being done by both the parties to seek the information as already had been promised by Germany in 2008, he himself impressed upon Germany that the Indian nation wants to know the names of the corrupt Indians whose black money has been stashed away in Swiss and other Foreign Banks. He requested them that since the stolen money belongs to the poor people, the information sought will be highly beneficial for them. The Germans conceded to his request but with one condition that he (Jethmalani) must obtain a short confirmation of what he had said from some opposition leaders. He selected 3 of them with full confirmation but eventually they backed away on what they promised to do with one or the other excuse.
  11. Towards the final phase of his letter, he clearly says that Modi as a Prime Minister were of no help either. He also disclosed that this stark truth dawned on him when in 2015 BJP president Amit Shah openly revealed that all talk about black ‘money recovery’ was a ‘chunavi jumla’ a gimmick or Joke.
  12. He then regrets that he had wasted years of expensive work to have Narendra Modi elected as the Prime Minister. With a heavy heart he admits that he is shamed of his stupidity and is determined to see him suffer a shameful defeat in 2019.
  13. He has also stated that the Prime Minister wanted his professional services for Amit Shah in a serious murder case.
  14. Ram Jethmalani also writes that he had done a great hard work to let Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister of India but he had never once thanked him nor visited his home after his success in the Elections.
  15. He also refers to Gadkari and Advani i.e how they came to him for some help and how he had helped them both and saved them from serious consequences.
  16. And at last, he extends his thanks to the PM for his lack of any moral sense and any sense of gratitude and also implores him that he should ponder over this matter and feel guilty for what he has done to him.


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