1. Stony-hearted and uncooperative Parents

Today’s parents have become so busy that they even don’t find even an iota of time for their lovely kids. For them their office is much more important than their children’s feelings and emotions. Moreover, there are some parents who don’t know any child psychology and thus often hurt their children in one or the other way- either knowingly or unknowingly.

2. Learning disabilities

There are some well-known learning disabilities like Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, etc that make learning difficult for students.

3. Facing difficulty in sitting still and listening with full concentration.

Some students don’t have that much sitting habit that one usually requires to clear one’s exams with meritorious performance. Various factors like domestic problems, personal issues, health issues and other social distractions can be ascribed to this argument.

4. No good-terms with their teachers

Most of the Indian teachers give preferential treatment to high-caliber and high-performing students. They always criticize poor-performing students. Moreover, they don’t want to see and talk with the students of average or subdued intelligence. Instead of encouraging and guiding such attention-seeking students, our teachers feel tilt towards super-performers. It should also be known that there are even some teachers who get bribed away by their rich-class students who often keep them happy in one or the other way. And this starts the vicious cycle of give and take. And thus, the children with low wit and poor financial background become hapless victims to such crooked, corrupt, and sly teachers.  

5. Not facing any challenge in their studies

Nowadays it can be seen that our students get easily bored with their subjects. There are also some students who don’t find their subjects as challenging as they had expected before taking admission in their schools. The subjects they want to study seem either to be missing or boring in schools. Here, it becomes the responsibility of teachers in charge to teach in such a way that even the most boring subject seems the most interesting subject.

6. Students are de-motivated by the faulty education system

Indian education system only pampers those who come meritorious in their studies. It neglects average-intelligent students as they are not that much special and attention seeking like intelligent ones. So, such system fails to encourage and appreciate poor or low-performing students and is often seen sidelining them. It is a kind of stark injustice towards other students in the class. Lack of proper and timely appreciation can also be seen as the cause of the rising level of de-motivation among today’s students.

7. When become failures in achieving their goals

Indian society has become such mean and narrow-minded that instead of supporting and providing moral and emotional support to those who remain behind others in achieving their goals in life, it starts ignoring and castigating them in a rough and uncivilized manner. Facing such societal rough treatment on not becoming something great in life, their (children) interest towards studies gets mercilessly killed.  

8. Poverty

It is the basic cause behind the lack of interest in our students. Lack of financial fund at home often forces our Indian students to drop their studies in the middle of their school session. Besides this, on finding that their parents are no more in this world, children start earning their livelihood by doing many odd kind of jobs.

9. Strong Pull from the present day’s distractions

Present day distractions like social networking fad, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, You Tube, etc, Hip-hop culture, the appeal of sensual gratification, the need to become notorious, drug culture, high-end fashions, and many other like them are creating a strong pull on the impressionable minds of our children.  

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